It is common knowledge for crypto users that making payments with Bitcoin can take a long time for the network to confirm the transaction. This is due to the increasing adoption of Bitcoin by individuals and business entities – leading to processing a volume of BTC transactions that causes a delay and increases the waiting period for confirmation. It could run for hours, days, or possibly weeks. 

While there are different ways to reduce the waiting time for Bitcoin transaction confirmation, people commonly pay a higher transaction fee to speed it up. But this is sometimes ineffective, as you might pay a higher fee, and your transaction will remain stuck due to network congestion. Therefore, you may need to use an efficient Bitcoin accelerator service like to unstuck your stuck BTC transactions.

BitTools is a free Bitcoin accelerator that is used to speed up transaction confirmation on the network. Since its launch in 2021, BitTools has continued to be a strong force in the crypto landscape. It provides innovative tools and services that help Bitcoin users to have a profitable crypto trading and sustainable payment method.

This accelerator service platform is available to users across the world as it provides options that make your Bitcoin confirmation quick and seamless. These options are free and paid with no hidden costs, as BitTools can rebroadcast your transaction to over 25 Bitcoin nodes to remind miners about your transactions while re-queuing them to speed up the confirmation process.

  • Free One Time Re-broadcast: This free-to-use service lets you manually enter your transaction to rebroadcast. You can use this freemium once every six (6) hours at zero cost.
  • Auto Re-broadcast: This is a premium service that charges a charge of $15 to rebroadcast your BTC transaction every minute across various online nodes.
  • Auto Re-broadcast With Full Information: This option provides you with every “auto rebroadcast” feature while offering in-depth information about your transaction, with the suggestion of acceleration tools from other mining pools. It comes at a $25 fee.
  • Paid Acceleration: You can use this option to speed your transaction directly, such that you don’t only enjoy the re-broadcasting of your Bitcoin TX but also accelerate. This exclusive enables you to join the long waiting queue to confirm your transaction in the shortest time possible.

You can use either the free or paid services on BitTools to speed up your BTC transaction.

For Free Option

  • Visit the official website of BitTools.
  • Enter or paste the transaction ID (TXID) that you want to accelerate. 
  • BitTools will prioritize the submitted transactions by including them in the next block we mine.

For Premium Options

  • Visit the official website of BitTools.
  • Create a BitTools account and sign in.
  • Enter or paste your TXID to accelerate. Here, the volume of a single transaction must be less or equal to 0.5 KB, and the transaction fee must be greater or equal to 0.0001BTC/KB.
  • Choose your preferred payment method to subscribe to the paid service.
  • BitTools will notify all partnering mining pools, such that when any of the pools produces a block, it will propose your transaction from the pending transaction mempool – prioritizing its acceleration.

1. Free To Use

It is free to accelerate your Bitcoin transaction confirmation on BitTools. The free option is accessible to all, and you can use it for your stuck transaction every six (6) hours.

2. High Efficiency

BitTools is efficient and effective as it offers quick steps to unstuck your stuck Bitcoin transactions. You can enter or paste the TXID at a go to fast-track the confirmation process. 

3. Privacy And Security

This accelerator service platform ensures the absolute privacy of its users by not requesting their personal information. This is similar to how crypto transactions work in their anonymity. Therefore, this prevents the event of a data breach that could lead to the possible leak of personal details.

In addition, every payment on BitTools is highly secure to keep transactions safe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Best Bitcoin Accelerator?

BitTools is the best Bitcoin accelerator as it is your one-stop platform to speed up your transactions at a $0 cost.

Is It Safe To Use BitTools?

It is safe to use BitTools as the platform works with the expectation of crypto users to make the activities anonymous. Therefore, you don’t get to divulge personal information or account details that may put your crypto at risk of loss.

Does BitTools Offers Premium Service Options To Accelerate Bitcoin Transactions?

Yes, BitTools provides paid options to accelerate your BTC transactions. These include paid acceleration, auto re-broadcast, and auto re-broadcast with full info.


Accelerating your Bitcoin transaction is important in maximizing the productivity of your crypto trading or payment. This is to be able to jump the long queue and have the leverage to be ahead of others in the mining pool. But as there is a proliferation of Bitcoin accelerators across the crypto space, BitTools remains the best platform to reduce your waiting time.

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