With only one more episode of Bachelor In Paradise season 9 remaining — the highly-anticipated three-hour season finale that is set to air tomorrow (December 7) — viewers have seen dozens of fan-favorite The Bachelor and The Bachelorette alums come and go since the premiere on September 28, from Sean McLaughlin to Aaron Schwartzman to Davia Bunch and beyond.

Because of this, fans of The Bachelor franchise often find it difficult to keep track of who is still trying their luck at love on the beloved competition series. With people entering and leaving the beach nearly every single episode, it a great deal to remember!

Fortunately, we got you covered, naming exactly who the remaining contestants are on Bachelor In Paradise season 9, with finale night mere hours away. Keep scrolling to find out for yourself…

Photo via ABC

Heading into the long-awaited three-hour finale of Bachelor In Paradise season 9, there are only seven women and seven men remaining, with Rachel Recchia, Tyler Norris, and Blake Moynes choosing to leave the beach — as well as Brayden Bowers and Taylor Pegg failing to receive a rose — by the end of the episode prior.

With strong couples like Eliza and Aaron, Kylee and Aven, Sam and Peter, and more remaining, could there be wedding bells in the near future? Only time will tell…

To find out for yourself if anyone pops the question, catch the highly-anticipated three-hour finale of Bachelor In Paradise season 9 from 8pm to 11pm ET/PT tomorrow (December 7) on ABC, with next-day streaming available via Hulu. For fans of The Bachelor franchise who might not be caught up, the previous nine episodes of Bachelor In Paradise season 9 are available via Hulu as well.

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