Just two tools, but together, they help you think, learn and create better, without much effort.

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Ever since ChatGPT came out, I’ve been dreaming of how it’s going to impact note-taking.

How tagging and organizing won’t matter any more.

How it will unlock new ways to think, directly with your notes.

How seamless taking notes will become.

I’ve seen glimpses of this happening :

  • the possibility to add more and more context
  • chatting with PDFs
  • automatic summaries
  • creating your own little AI tools, trained on your data
  • AI tools directly in note-taking apps

And now, there are two tools, working together, that bring us every closer to a super easy but super powerful note-taking system.

I’ve been a fan of Notion, and its very flexible system, for a while. It just makes sense to my brain to be able to create workspaces for all my projects, while making them communicate fully with one another.

And Notion is doing EXACTLY what needs to be done to take full advantage of AI in a note-taking system.

It’s not trying to replace ‘AI chats’. It’s integrating AI with your notes.

Notion first released Notion AI, as a way to generate and modify content in your workspace. Then an add-on to Notion AI, to generate, extract or suggest input directly in proprieties. This gave us the capacities to create automated mini AI tools.

And recently cherry-topping it all with Notion Q&A. A chat, directly in Notion, that speaks to you with your notes. Effectively taking on the role of a very personal researcher.

Notion Q&A is still in beta, but it’s honestly promising.

Notion is becoming a powerful ‘thinking, organizing and making’ tool. And the more you feed it, the more powerful it becomes.

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