Bitcoin is making significant strides towards its all-time high, currently reaching $44,000, leaving many to wonder why XRP has not experienced a similar surge. Cryptocurrency enthusiast Mickle has now opened up about the reasons behind XRP’s apparent lack of movement and explored whether it signals a bearish trend. He has provided historical context, detailing the typical patterns observed when Bitcoin undergoes exponential runs and how XRP usually responds.

He dismisses worries about XRP’s current price, suggesting that the cryptocurrency usually follows Bitcoin’s upward trajectory after a brief delay. They express positivity about the return of liquidity to the market, saying that history indicates a positive outcome for XRP. 

A chart comparing XRP to Bitcoin shows their distinct movements, with green and red candles indicating periods when one appreciates against the other. The analyst assures that this pattern is not unusual and historically precedes XRP’s surge.

Why is XRP Price Down?

All eyes are on the altcoin market as analysts and investors eagerly await a potential breakout. While Bitcoin has been flirting with the $44,000 mark, the real question remains: when will the altcoins catch up? Out of the top 50 cryptocurrencies, many are currently down or flat, indicating a broader trend in the market rather than a specific issue with XRP. Despite the monthly fluctuations, XRP consistently ranks among the top cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. 

Internet users and XRP enthusiasts have expressed concerns about XRP’s price. Bill Morgan recently opened up about the same and wrote, “Wow. I never realised XRP’s price performance was this poor compared to other major coins and not only compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum. It has of course been under the cloud of a SEC investigation and then lawsuit that entire period but you would think it would have caught up more after obtaining legal clarity. Very strange.”

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