Over the years, Jennifer Garner has stolen the hearts of audiences by portraying a variety of interesting characters, from sweet girls-next-door to revenge-seeking superhero women, but no matter who or what she plays, she has built a resume of some truly amazing movies. Garner’s career began in 1995 when she earned a role in a television movie adaptation of the Danielle Steele story, Zoya. From there, she made a handful of appearances in movies and TV until she finally found her footing in 2001 after gaining the starring role of Sydney Bristow in the thriller series, Alias. Since then, Garner has steadily risen to fame.

In total, Jennifer Garner has had roles in 39 movies. Her very first minor movie role came in 1997 in Deconstructing Harry, and in the same year, she earned a named role in the romantic drama Washington Square. Garner’s true breakout film role came a few years later when she appeared in the stoner comedy Dude, Where’s My Car? From then on, Garner has played a wide variety of characters, though she is often known for her sweet, innocent appearance. However, that does not mean that her acting range is at all shortened, as proven by Jennifer Garner’s best movies.

Although Jennifer Garner is well-known for her ability to play kind girl-next-door type characters, The Kingdom is a prime example of the actress’ true acting range. The 2007 action movie follows a federal agent and his team as they put into motion an important plan to take down a terrorist group in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Garner plays Special Agent Janet Mayes, alongside cast members Jamie Foxx, Chris Cooper, Jason Bateman, Tim McGraw, and Kyle Chandler. Ultimately, this movie is the best example of Jennifer Garner’s ability to hold her own in a serious action film.

A Jennifer Garner that is something of a hidden gem in The Tribes of Palos Verdes. Once again, this film deviates from Garner’s typical happy-go-lucky style, and instead, delves into a much more dramatic and serious role. The Tribes of Palos Verdes follows the Mason family, who move to Palos Verdes, California. While husband Phil loves their new home, and the kids find their places among the pack, Garner’s mother character Sandy must deal with her own feelings of isolation and unhappiness. For those seeking a fresh and purely dramatic performance from Jennifer Garner, this is the movie to watch.

One of Jennifer Garner’s most recent film projects is The Adam Project. This action sci-fi movie follows Ryan Reynolds’ Adam Reed, a time-travelling fighter pilot who teams up with his 12-year-old self, played by Walker Scobell, to save the future. In the film, Garner plays Ellie Reed, Adam’s mother. Although The Adam Project doesn’t necessarily offer anything new in terms of sci-fi, its comedy and star-studded cast make up for it. Overall, it is a genuinely entertaining and fun watching experience, and Jennifer Garner can do no wrong in The Adam Project.

A quirky comedy film that may not be as well-known is Jennifer Garner’s Danny Collins. The film follows an aging rock star who finds inspiration after discovering a 40-year-old letter from John Lennon addressed to him. With Al Pacino in the leading role, this is a musical film that many would not expect, but as it turns out, it is quite well-loved among critics and audiences alike. Jennifer Garner plays Samantha, Pacino’s daughter-in-law. This movie is definitely more of what one may expect from Jennifer Garner, as it is heart-warming, funny, and generally down-to-earth. Though it is unique, it is definitely worth the watch.

One more obscure Jennifer Garner movie that deserves some more attention is Wakefield. This is a comedy thriller that follows a man who, after becoming sick with his life, hides away in the attic of his house. He spends his days watching his family from up above, and at a certain point, realizes that his sudden disappearance may mean that he can never actually return. Paired with Bryan Cranston, Jennifer Garner shines in this distinct film. Her performance is a great combination of strange and silly humor, along with serious character development and story.

A more recent Jennifer Garner movie that many will likely recognize is Love, Simon. Starring Nick Robinson, this coming-of-age romance movie follows Simon, a teenage boy who has fallen in love with someone online, but struggles to make the romance happen in real life because he has not told his friends or family that he is gay. In this light-hearted film, Jennifer Garner plays Simon’s mother, alongside Josh Duhamel as Simon’s father. Overall, this is a very sweet and funny watch that will make any viewer, young or old, both laugh and cry.

Though Catch Me If You Can is a popular, well-lauded movie, not everyone will remember that Jennifer Garner played a small role in the iconic Steven Spielberg film. Catch Me If You Can is a crime comedy that tells the true story of Frank Abagnale Jr., a young man who cons his way into working a variety of lucrative jobs. Garner’s role in Catch Me If You Can is call girl named Cheryl Ann. Despite having a particularly small role in this film, it is a great pick for seeing Garner’s early acting days, and also, it is just a truly great movie.

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