• Doctor Strange reveals his creepy new magic trick: communicating through dolls, much like Chucky from the horror franchise.
  • Strange gifts dolls (Captain America’s word, Strange refers to them as “figurines”) to his allies, which he can astral projects his consciousness into, allowing him to be a consultant even when not physically present.
  • This weird new ability proves to be incredibly useful for Doctor Strange, as he can be in multiple places at once, and support heroes from a distance, even while fighting his own battles.



Warning: Spoilers for Captain America #3!

Taking a page out of Chucky the killer doll’s playbook, Doctor Strange shows off his creepiest magic trick. The Chucky franchise featues killer who uses magic to transfer his soul into a toy. As the franchise has evolved, so have Chucky’s magic skills, as he learned how spread his soul across multiple toys at once – a trick Doctor Strange recently revealed is in his repetoire as well.

Captain America #3 – by J. Michael Straczynski, Jesus Saiz, Lan Medina, Matt Hollingsworth, and VC’s Joe Caramagna – depicts Strange’s creepy new form of communicate. When Strahge can’t physically be there for Captain America when he needs him, he shows up for Cap in an entirely new, unexpected way: talking to him through dolls.

panels from Captain America #3, Captain America reaches out to Doctor Strange in a unique, and unsettling, way

Even Steve Rogers has to admit just how weird the notion is, but in theory, it is one of the most useful spells that Doctor Strange could ever learn. It could even prove to continue to be incredibly useful for the good doctor in the future.

Doctor Strange Can Be In Multiple Places at Once

panels from Captain America #3, Doctor Strange talks to Captain America as a doll

Brooklyn has a serial killer problem as Henry Cavenaugh – someone with 14 bodies alone under his house – has been recruited by the demon Asmoday through his vessel, Travis Lane. To discuss the ongoing local murders, Captain America agrees to go to Brooklyn Heights, near the waterfront, to meet with Misty Knight of the Aberrant Crimes Division. They discuss potential theories, including the potential of rogue A.I.M. scientists being involved, or how dark forces could be at play. With neither being an expert on dark forces, Misty calls in a mutual friend with magical experise for his perspective: Doctor Strange.

Strange has his hands full with other things at the moment and can’t be in multiple places at once, not in his physical form at least. Instead, Strange manifests himself in a different – and possibly unnerving – form. Captain America #3 reveals that Strange has gifted forty-seven dolls (figurines as Strange calls them) to his most trusted allies around the world, which he is able to astral project his consciousness into. This allows him to be a consultant for heroes even when preoccupied with his own battles, playing a supporting role from a distance in critical moments, despite not being there as a material ally.

The Weirdest Evolution Of Doctor Strange To Date

panel from Captain America #3, Doctor Strange explains his doll form to Captain America

Of all the spells that Doctor Strange has utilized over the years, this may be his weirdest date – though simultaneously his most useful as well. Currently in the Marvel Universe, Strange has been increasingly busy, including coming into contact with his own kryptonite in his ongoing series and helping Blade face an enemy resistant to his own Time Stone capabilities. As much as he wants to physically make time for Captain America, he just can’t, but inserting himself into multiple dolls by means of astral projection is Doctor Strange’s best bet to be in two places at once.

Captain America #3 is on sale now from Marvel.


Cover for Captain America #3

  • Writer: J. Michael Straczynski
  • Artists: Lan Medina &Jesús Saíz
  • Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth
  • Letterer: Joe Caramagna
  • Cover Artist: Jesús Saíz

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