The merging of Disney+ and Hulu together into the one service has launched its beta with the studio adding a Hulu tile to its Disney+ homepage in the United States on Wednesday.

The tile now sits alongside the likes of Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and National Geographic on the first row of tiles within the app. Subscribers to both services will see the Hulu tile automatically appear with no other process required.

The tile will be available to anyone with both a Disney+ and a Hulu subscription, and clicking through will take them to a Hulu content hub with Hulu’s original and acquired TV series and movies including shows like “Only Murders in the Building” and “The Bear”.

Disney has reportedly also factored in whether users are subscribers to the advertising-supported tiers or ad-free tiers of the individual services and will adjust automatically.

So if you’re an ad-free Disney+ user but on an ad-supported Hulu tier, it will only show ads on the Hulu series. Enhanced parental controls have also been added to the service.

Disney and Hulu will also remain separate services so users can subscribe to one or both. The beta comes ahead of the official launch slated for March with the Disney marketing machine about to begin to promote that event.

Disney+ internationally has already long had a sixth tile and hub for ‘Star’, the non-U.S. equivalent of Hulu.

Source: The Walt Disney Company

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