Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Children of the Vault #3

As far as destructive power goes, the X-Men are some of Marvel Comics’ most dangerous characters. While highly powered Omega mutants like Storm or Iceman have the power to literally change the world, there are also plenty of X-Men willing to take on their foes through more traditionally human means in the form of really big guns. And the mutant’s resident time-traveling super-soldier, Cable, has been storing bigger guns than anyone realized way closer to home than anybody ever knew.

Children of the Vault #3 by Deniz Camp, Luca Marezca, Carlos Lopez, and VC’s Cory Petit sees Cable and Bishop bringing the battle to the Children in their City with all the necessary firepower in tow. As the two time-travelers pit the titular Children against the forces of Orchis, readers are shown a data page in which Bishop reveals they acquired their armaments from Cable’s secret weapons cache buried beneath the old Xavier Institutes baseball diamond.

Describing the experience by saying he felt like a kid in a candy store, Bishop is almost overwhelmed by the world-leveling weaponry, taking extra care not to damage anything and referring to a single slip as, “all that separates us from the end of the world.”

Cable is well-regarded as one of the most dangerous X-Men, and for good reason. Aside from his incredibly powerful mutant gifts, Nathan Summers is the ultimate soldier with expertise in practically every weapon known – and a few that aren’t – to man, such as the Celestial Sterilization Engine that Bishop references in that same data page. Every good soldier knows the importance of preparation, and where else would Cyclops’ son feel comfortable storing his most dangerous artifacts than the closest place he has to a family home?

A secret cache underneath the X-Mansion’s baseball field makes total sense for Nathan. After all, when he first formed X-Force, they were based in the tunnels underneath the Xavier Estate, so it’s only natural that Cable would have a few leftover caches from that bygone era. And considering how Krakoa was the X-Men’s new hotspot up until very recently, the odds of anyone stumbling into this cache are lower than ever.

Nathan Summers is one of Marvel’s most dangerous warriors. With nearly limitless access and experience to weaponry from any era, the Askani Son is truly ready for anything. And if anyone is unfortunate enough to stumble into the X-Men’s secret weapons cache, they’ll have to deal with Marvel Comics’ Cable.

Children of the Vault #3 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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