The sudden spike in Bitcoin’s (BTC) prices caused a significant turnaround in the market that affected many projects. The asset’s surge raises speculation of a golden cross, which predicts continued growth. Ripple (XRP) also benefited from the price boom, garnering the interest of many traders. InQubeta (QUBE) is an emerging project whose unique approach to AI investment has experienced positive responses from crypto AI enthusiasts.

InQubeta is a crypto project generating much buzz with its spectacular offerings. The platform blends artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology to transform the AI market. This cryptocurrency ICO is an excellent chance for investors to get involved in reshaping conventional AI investment. The project’s presale has raised $4.1 million, making it a holy grail for traders looking for promising AI cryptos.

This article explores why BTC, XRP, and QUBE are the new crypto holy grails.

InQubeta (QUBE): The Deflationary AI Crypto Increasing Investor’s Returns

InQubeta is one of the new DeFi projects contributing to the growth of AI technology. The project has generated buzz among investors looking for projects with high growth potential to expand their portfolios. QUBE is a deflationary token that provides easy access to capital for AI startups through its fractional investment protocol. By connecting these startups with prospects, this cryptocurrency ICO helps them build dedicated communities. InQubeta rivals established projects in the market due to its advanced tokenomics.  

QUBE is in stage four of its presale at $0.0133 and has raised over $4.1 million in funding. With over 444 million tokens sold, this signals notable investor interest in the project. With more than 92% of QUBE tokens sold, the project will soon reach its fifth stage. InQubeta’s fast-growing presence makes it one of the new holy grails of the crypto market. Crypto analysts predict this asset’s wide acceptance owing to its contribution to the growth of the AI industry.

InQubeta’s popular NFT marketplace is the feature that makes it the holy grail for institutional investors. Each investment opportunity on InQubeta is minted into NFTs and fractionalized. The market allows startups to generate funds and offer rewards to investors who partner with them. InQubeta’s unique marketplace benefits prospects and startups on the platform. 

Bitcoin (BTC): The Project Signaling A Bullish Run In The Market 

Bitcoin’s recent price jump brought the attention of global investors to the crypto market. The project’s increase is due to its institutional appropriation and increasing demand. As BTC continues to trade above $34,000, optimism grows as Bitcoin becomes the new crypto holy grail.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that operates outside of centralized control. The project is tradeable for cash and serves as an alternative payment source. Investors expect the project’s all-time high following the anticipation of BTC’s BlackRock ETF spot. Bitcoin became a key player for traders in a short period after months of low trading activity, making it an excellent crypto project.

Ripple (XRP): The Best Crypto Exchange and Payment System 

Ripple is the network that fosters seamless cross-border payments. Top institutions use this open-source protocol to enable speedy transactions. XRP is the network’s native currency, introduced in 2012.

XRP’s strong position in the market has left many crypto enthusiasts shocked. The SEC lawsuit faced by the network caused many swings in the project’s prices, resulting in uncertainty. Despite the price fluctuations, Ripple soared following the market’s bullish outlook. This impressive feat set the project among the market’s holy grails for investors who wanted a more efficient payment system.


Bitcoin, Ripple, and InQubeta are topping charts with their impressive performances. These projects can bypass the bearish market circumstances and secure investments. Traders looking for new DeFi projects have spotted InQubeta’s distinct features. 

QUBE token holders can access various opportunities, such as its popular NFT marketplace. InQubeta is a holy grail for investors seeking AI crypto projects to increase their holdings. InQubeta’s ongoing presale holds many advantages for early backers once the project launches.

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