Selling Sunset star Jason Oppenheim is the face of the pop culture phenomenon that is the Netflix reality series, as well as the Oppenheim Group property business the show is centered around. The luxury property company has sold homes to the likes of Meryl Streep, Orlando Bloom, Nicole Scherzinger, and many more of Hollywood’s brightest — and most bankable — stars.

Who is the man behind the fortune that manages to hold down control of the company, even in the face of its seemingly endless dramas? Learn more about the man who puts in the “Oppenheim” in the Oppenheim Group.

Jason Oppenheim’s net worth

According to Cosmopolitan, Jason Oppenheim has at least $100 million worth of property on the market at any given point, as well as at least $19 million in his own personal properties. Over the course of his career, he is said to have sold $1 billion worth of homes. According to calculations reported by the outlet, this makes the reality star and realtor worth at least $50 million as an individual, and the Oppenheim Group he represents is likely far higher.

Jason Oppenheim’s wife

As of November 2023, Jason Oppenheim is not married. His last serious relationship was with Marie-Lou Nurk. Oppenheim and the German model-design company strategist broke up in May 2023 after 10 months together. For now, it seems that the property tycoon is single.

Jason Oppenheim’s brother

As shown on Selling Sunset, Jason has a close relationship with his identical twin brother, Brett Oppenheim. During season 3 of the show, Brett surprised viewers by announcing he was leaving the Oppenheim Group, which he co-ran as President alongside his brother.

Brett left the company in order to establish his own brokerage firm, Oppenheim Real Estate, and offered courses where he teaches his real estate expertise. However, the pair have made it clear that there’s no bad blood between them, and they’re by no means business rivals. Jason told The Tab that he and Brett are still “extremely close” and that “there are no issues in our relationship.”

Jason Oppenheim’s height

According to fellow Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn, she is six inches taller than the Oppenheim twins, which is significantly shorter than their reported height of five feet, six inches. Speaking to Grazia, Quinn stated, “I’m five feet nine, and they’re five feet three.”

So, who is correct? Next time you watch Selling Sunset, try to judge the height difference for yourself while accounting for Christine’s heels.

How Jason Oppenheim got rich

Jason Oppenheim was born rich, as the Oppenheim family has been in the property business for at least five generations after his great-great-grandfather, Jacob Stern, founded the Oppenheim Group all the way back in 1889.

In 1925, the Oppenheim Group helped create the iconic Hollywood Plaza Hotel, setting up its legacy in Tinseltown for decades to come. According to their website, Oppenheim’s sale of a former horse barn led to the creation of Paramount Pictures, the first movie studio, which the group claims set the course for Hollywood’s first feature-length film. Nothing will ensure a minted family line quite like setting up Hollywood movies.

However, as stated above when discussing his net worth, Jason Oppenheim has made a lot of money by himself, including the sale of over $1 billion in property as a realtor, using his sales skills. His own personal net worth slightly differs from that of the Oppenheim Group itself – but a filthy rich family certainly helps.

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