Heidi Klum does many things well, but she is utterly unmatched when it comes to Halloween.

The former model, who somehow also finds time to be a businesswoman, artist, designer, and judge, made Halloween her official holiday more than two decades back. In 2000, she dazzled with her very first Heidiween bash, and she’s maintained momentum ever since. Her parties and costumes are the talk of each Nov. 1. Her early years saw Klum often appear in more simplistic costumes — putting more of her energy into the bash itself — but these days her costumes are the event.

Every year, Klum dazzles in elaborate, painstaking costumes that range the spectrum. She got her start with the classics — your aliens, witches, and vampires — but soon evolved into the insane costumes she sports nowadays. Last year, the woman was an actual worm. A massive, life-sized worm. You could barely see her face beneath all that makeup, but damn did she look good.

As such, it’s no surprise that she went even more elaborate with her 2023 costume. This time she even included some add-ons to really up the ante.

Heidi Klum’s 2023 Halloween costume

Klum never gives less than 110 percent where Halloween is concerned. In 2023, she upped that to a good 150 percent, appearing at her annual holiday bash dressed as a peacock. Every inch of her get-up was classic Klum levels of elaborate, complete with a detailed headpiece, beak, and skin-tight bodysuit. Oh, and don’t forget the gaggle of painted men and women who served as her plumage — or the fortunate soul who added a few feet to her already impressive height.

On top of contributing to her absolute slay of a costume, Klum’s brightly colored entourage also served as entertainment for her guests. The lineup of skillful acrobats — borrowed from Cirque du Soleil — performed an eye-catching show after pictures were taken, leveling up Klum’s 2023 costume even more.

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