Karan Johar tried to ask Twinkle some questions about her new book, Welcome to Paradise, at a recent launch event, but the old friends ended up roasting each other’s quirks.

Twinkle accused Karan of copying her marriage for his film, Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani

Twinkle accused Karan of copying her marriage for his film Rocky Aur Rani. “You based Rocky Aur Rani on my marriage, apparently. That’s what everyone is saying. Is that true? How much can you leech off me?” she asked. Karan denied it and said, “No, it was just two people from different schools of thought coming together. That doesn’t mean it’s your marriage, Tina. Everything is not about you.” Twinkle insisted that she saw it on the news, and said that Karan had admitted it in an interview. Karan told her, “Don’t believe everything I say.”

When Karan said RRKPK is subconsciously inspired from marriage of Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna

In an interview with another publication, Karan had talked about whether Twinkle and Akshay’s marriage influenced his film Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani. He said, “Maybe subconsciously (I got inspired). They have a tremendous friendship in their marriage. I’ve had dinners with them, meals with them, hung out with them. And there’s a terrific kind of comfort in their camaraderie. He finds her hilarious, she finds him hilarious, for different reasons. So I felt it wasn’t impossible for people who come from two different demographics of society, two stratas, to actually find love. It’s like we put ourselves in boxes. Like when we’re finding a relationship, we put ourselves in places where we’re comfortable. But tomorrow, you can fall in love with someone anywhere.”

Twinkle reveals how Karan calls fellow directors ‘obsolete fossils’ and that’s why he hangs out with Gen Z

Twinkle teased Karan for his efforts to keep up with the Gen Z by befriending people who are half his age. She jokingly called him a ‘vampire’ who ‘sucks out the blood’ of young actors, while Karan mocked her for enjoying the sound of her own voice. Karan has confessed many times that he stays in touch with young actors to remain relevant. But at the book launch event, Twinkle revealed that Karan told her that he doesn’t want to be like some ‘obsolete’ directors whom he called ‘fossils’. She said, “I know that you are a big advocate of the youth, we’ve discussed how you stay relevant.” Seeing Karan making a face expecting another dig at him, she continued, “No, don’t make that face. I’m not saying anything bad. You said you were immersing yourself among young people, which is why you love Shanaya, Anaya, Alia and Alaya…” Karan corrected her, and said that he’s actually friends with Ananya, and Twinkle replied, “You know Anayas as well.”

As Karan made a face again, Twinkle continued, “We had a very long conversation. We were talking about directors we can’t name, but he said that they’re obsolete, they’re fossils, he said all these awful things about them. And then he said, ‘You have to be relevant, that’s why I hang around with young people’. I said, ‘Yes, but I don’t like people, I can’t hang around with them’.”
Twinkle conceded that both she and Karan are ‘fossils’, because the world that they grew up in no longer exists. Karan has talked about his interest in the younger generation, many of whom he invites on Koffee with Karan. He also spoke about the kind of clothes he started wearing some years ago, and attributed his loud fashion makeover to a ‘mid-life crisis’.

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