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And I don’t do it to get my work lighter

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Many people are working on this to avoid concentrating their workload or to train the next generation. However, when you try it, there may be times when you find it to be surprisingly tricky. Or you may have difficulty wanting to do something but not being able to do it.

Since becoming a manager or working in a workplace where many people are younger than me, I have had the experience of entrusting, entrusting, and delegating work to others in various situations. Of course, there have also been times when I have been in the position of “receiving work’’ from other people, such as my boss.

In my practice, I focused on three points I had to pay attention to. Three points I think about

1. Don’t delegate to make your work lighter.

Based on that, let’s evaluate the type of delegation that aims to “just lighten one’s workload,’’ in other words, “I’m busy, so I’ll have a subordinate take over some of my work.’’ Can it effectively increase the number of tasks an organization can handle? To me, this feels a little “weak.’’ The cost and return remain the same; only the location has been moved.

Of course, I think it has the effect of “by offloading the burden, high-performance personnel can work on other, more effective tasks.’’ Even so, it would lead to a workflow that reinforced the composition of “top people” and “bottom people,” which I would like to avoid. On the contrary, I believe that what I should do is “delegate to someone who can do it better than me.’’

For example, “carefully examine and consider the technical issues facing the project you are currently working on, and calculate appropriate countermeasures and their implementation costs.’’ Those in the field can do it better than those in a position where they must do it. So, I’ll leave this up to the team leader.

“Working with the customer support department to compile a plan for modifying existing functions, and after implementation, continuously communicating and obtaining further feedback’’ is also a skill for people who can think through things with…

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