• The Umbrella Academy needs to answer the long-standing mystery of how Ben Hargreeves died, which has been a central part of the show for three seasons.
  • The “Jennifer Incident” is mentioned in season 3 and indicates that the show is building toward more reveals about Ben’s backstory and death.
  • The show has provided some hints about Ben’s death, such as the words on his headstone. However, the specifics and the role Jennifer played remain unclear.



The Umbrella Academy is ending with season 4, and there are a lot of loose ends the Netflix series needs to tie up in its final episodes, including a major Ben Hargreeves mystery. With the Hargreeves siblings surviving yet another apocalypse at the end of The Umbrella Academy season 3 — and losing their abilities in the process — the show’s Ben question isn’t the only one it needs to answer during its final outing. However, it’s one of the longest, dating all the way back to The Umbrella Academy season 1.

The Umbrella Academy‘s biggest Ben mystery is even more pressing after season 3 brought the formerly deceased Hargreeves siblings back to life. It’s unclear if all the Sparrow Academy members will appear in season 4, but Ben’s presence in the season 3 finale’s courtyard scene suggests he’ll be back for the final outing. While this version of Ben is different from the one the Hargreeves siblings grew up with, his continued presence may shed light on the version of Ben that died — and more specifically, what happened to him.

The Umbrella Academy Still Hasn’t Revealed How Ben Hargreeves Died

Ben Hargreeves is an important part of The Umbrella Academy from the beginning, but in seasons 1 and 2, he appears as a ghost only Klaus can communicate with. That’s because the original Ben Hargreeves is dead when the series opens, the result of a mission gone awry when the Umbrella Academy were younger. The Netflix series never reveals specific details about Ben’s death, but the other Hargreeves are clearly hit hard by the loss. They speak about Ben’s death in whispers, making viewers all the more curious about how he met his demise. Reginald seems to blame the other children for what happened, suggesting it must have been bad.

Despite a very-much-alive Ben appearing in The Umbrella Academy season 3, the outing doesn’t offer many hints about the original Ben’s demise. Luther does refer to Ben’s death as the “Jennifer Incident,” but this does little to clarify the situation. Although someone named Jennifer was obviously involved in the mission that killed Ben, viewers are no closer to piecing together The Umbrella Academy‘s biggest Ben mystery. With season 4 bringing the show to a close, the coming episodes will be the final chance to tell viewers how Ben died.

The Umbrella Academy Season 4 Needs To Tell What The “Jennifer Incident” Is

Sparrow Ben Hargreeves in The Umbrella Academy season 3.

There are many unanswered questions The Umbrella Academy season 4 could address, but it likely won’t get to all of them. However, the show should definitely prioritize shedding light on Ben’s death, as it’s played a significant role in all three seasons. With Ben’s influence on the other Hargreeves being so huge, it wouldn’t make sense to leave a major hole in his character arc. It’s also clear that the early seasons of The Umbrella Academy are intentionally hiding the details of Ben’s death, so they must be important to the overall story.

Additionally, The Umbrella Academy season 3’s “Jennifer Incident” comment proves that the series hasn’t forgotten about this Ben question. With Luther referencing Ben’s death, it’s obvious the show is building to something. As such, The Umbrella Academy season 4 needs to work more of Ben’s backstory into its episodes, providing closure to the viewers and the characters.

What Ben Hargreeves’ “Jennifer Incident” Could Be

Ben talking to someone in The Umbrella Academy

Although The Umbrella Academy doesn’t offer much to speculate on, there are a few hints about Ben’s death over the course of the show’s three seasons. Apart from flashbacks to the Hargreeves’ childhood and Luther’s comment, the words on Ben’s headstone probably provide the most insight into the circumstances surrounding his death. Ben’s headstone reads, “May the darkness within you find peace in the light.” Clearly, Ben was troubled around the time he died, though by what remains unclear. One theory suggests Ben may have committed suicide because of his powers, but that raises questions about what Jennifer had to do with his death.

It’s possible Ben perished saving someone named Jennifer on a mission, or perhaps he fought someone named Jennifer and lost. Some The Umbrella Academy theories make the events surrounding the mission even sadder, positing that one of the other Hargreeves was responsible for Ben’s demise. There are also those who believe Ben is stuck in a nightmare dimension or still alive. However, such reveals would still necessitate answers about Jennifer. Hopefully, The Umbrella Academy delivers on that front, as longtime fans are dying to know what really happened to Ben Hargreeves.

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