Morgana Robinson

The series 12 champ, who already has 10 points on Kendall, is Morgana Robinson – interestingly also Australian (well, she was born there. Is there an ingredient in Vegemite that makes a person excel under Taskmaster conditions? To the lab to find out!) The comedy actor and impersonator’s series highlights include a creepily intense and mermaid-based proposal of marriage to Alex, and a love for Guz Khan that’s hopefully ongoing to this day. She has one of Khan’s coats anyway.

Sophie Duker

Then comes Sophie Duker, comedian, actor and brainbox who won series 13 with a sweet 173-point total. Her obsession with the death of Alex Horne could swing things in her favour if he’s so intimidated that he kicks her a few sneaky points under the table.

Dara Ó’Briain

Next comes Big Daddy himself, Dara Ó’Briain, who’s weighing in with an impressive 184 points from his series 14 victory. The man has a degree in Mathematical Physics, which he put to excellent use transferring flour between containers with scuba-diving flippers on his hands, and getting irate at John Kearns.

Mae Martin

Finally, representing series 15 is stand-up, writer and actor Mae Martin. Their victory was decided early on when they proved the sole contestant in the line-up with a shred of nous about them. Apologies to Jenny Éclair, Frankie Boyle, Kiell Smith-Bynoe and Ivo Graham, but you know it’s true. Ivo in particular knows that it’s true.

We’ll Have to Wait For it to Air

The main tasks will have been filmed already, but the points have yet to be decided and the often-decisive stage task is still to take place. That happens at the end of November 2023 during the studio record (apply for free tickets here).

As this year’s New Year’s Treat (line-up tba) is being filmed the day before and will go out over the festive period, we’re probably going to have to wait until after series 17 has concluded in spring/summer 2024 for the Champion of Champions 3 special episode (yes, just one episode again) to air.

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