Star Wars and Columbia are teaming up to bring winter gear inspired by the Battle of Hoth so you can take n the Empire yourself.


  • Columbia’s Skywalker Pilot Collection replicates Luke’s uniform from the Battle of Hoth, endorsed by Mark Hamill himself.
  • The collection includes clothing for all cold elements, perfect for skiing or casual wear on a brisk day.
  • The gear features snowspeeder schematics, artwork by Ralph McQuarie, and Rebel Alliance branding, all launching on December 1.



Star Wars and Columbia have teamed up with gear inspired by the Rebellion’s Battle of Hoth so fans can take on the whole Empire themselves. Infamous for being the frozen wasteland of Star Wars, Hoth saw Luke Skywalker brave extreme elements as he harnessed his abilities with the Force and fly a snowspeeder into battle. The new collection of gear replicates Luke’s uniform, coming with an endorsement from none-other than Mark Hamill himself as he unveils the merch with NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace.

Columbia’s Skywalker Pilot Collection brings forth articles of clothing for all cold elements, perfect for skiing, snow, or casual wear on a brisk day. In addition to the flightsuit-inspired ski suit are pullover and zip-up jackets that replicate the gear donned by rebel officers on Hoth. T-shirts with snowspeeder schematics remind all of the ferocious battle being represented, and no collection can be complete without the artwork of icon Ralph McQuarie. Capping off the collection are a body, ski goggles, and baseball hat, all with Rebel Alliance branding. The Skywalker Pilot Collection will launch of December 1 and can be viewed at Columbia‘s official website.

The Skywalker Pilot Collection Is Perfect For Braving Hoth

Battle of Hoth in Star Wars with a flight shooting at an AT-AT

Winter season is rapidly approaching, and with it comes the need to be prepared for the cold. There aren’t likely to be wampas traipsing around the Earth, but the elements can get dicey in a hurry. The Skywalker Pilot Collection offers something for everyone, be it those sailing through the cold winds on skis or one taking a leisurely stroll outside in a chilly environment. Unfortunately for Luke, he was unequipped with clothing warm enough to last in a Hoth blizzard, and Columbia’s Skywalker Pilot Collection honors Hamill’s Star Wars sacrifice by providing gear that will be comfortable for a snow storm and look cool in the process.

Source: Columbia

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