In Marvel Comics, Spider-Man and Hobgoblin are mortal enemies who have been fighting each other in one form or another for decades, with Spidey usually coming out on top after being forced to use increasingly impressive and death-defying techniques to take this iconic baddie down. And now, in a set of epic cosplay images, Spider-Man and Hobgoblin show what a live-action MCU version of their ever-constant clashes could look like when they inevitably spill onto the big screen!

Recently shared on Instagram by Ryan Sims (@ryansimsphotography), the photographer and digital artist of these images, as well as the Spider-Man and Hobgoblin cosplayers featured in them — Fernando Vázquez (@ecto_titan) and “Weird Ed” Vazquez (@iweirded), respectively — these creative talents have produced some of the best cosplay around, with this joint venture being no exception.

Having collectively dressed as and photographed characters like The Flash, Blue Beetle, members of the Ghostbusters, Iron Man, Batman, and more, these creators getting the chance to bring a high-flying battle between Spidey and Hobgoblin to life is a treat for fans of both characters to see, while simultaneously showing off what the cosplay community is truly capable of when coming together.

Debuting in 1983 and rising to a new level of popularity during the fan-favorite 90s Spider-Man: The Animated Series show, more than a few iterations of Hobgoblin have sprung up across the page and television screen, with each one always circling back to a single universal constant: destroy Spider-Man. Usually taking to the skies in their battles thanks to Hobgoblin’s high-tech glider and Spidey’s love for swinging way above the streets of New York City, fans can rest assured that this consistently thrilling match-up has been given proper justice in the transition from comic panel to real life.

Depicting Spider-Man and Hobgoblin mid-battle, the first photo shows @ecto_titan’s Friendly Neighborhood Hero leading Hobgoblin on a dangerous aerial chase as the Green Goblin-adjacent villain tosses bombs every which way. Turning the tables on Hobgoblin in the following image, it’s here where fans get an even better look at both costumes and the little details — like Spider-Man’s textured suit and webbed underarms and Hobgoblin’s chain mail armor and monstrous facemask — that make them comic-accurate. Edited with some choice smoke and explosion effects as well as the skyscrapers Spidey and Hobgoblin fight between, these pictures do a great job showing the real-world equivalent of what comic readers are privy to on the page monthly.

Seeing Spider-Man trade blows with Hobgoblin as if they were fighting right overhead is an exhilarating tease for what could be in store when their epic battles eventually make it into the MCU. And while it may take a while longer yet before Spider-Man and Hobgoblin officially duke it out on the silver screen, this trio of talented creators have made the idea of seeing these Marvel greats in the live-action space a current reality.

Source: @ryansimsphotography, @ecto_titan, and @iweirded

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