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  • Actor Joel Kinnaman attempted method acting for his role in the dialogue-free film Silent Night, with the intent to remain silent on and off set.
  • Kinnaman initially planned to not talk for the entire shoot but realized the impracticality of it after a silent car ride to set.
  • Silent Night, directed by John Woo and starring Kinnaman, is set to be released on December 1, 2023, and follows a father seeking vengeance on those responsible for the death of his son.

In a high stakes industry such as Hollywood, there are various means by which individuals seek to showcase the best version of what is needed and method acting is one of those. Method acting is wide-ranging set of techniques used by the actor to deliver profund and expressive performances when playing a character. For his latest project, Joel Kinnaman, who is cast in John Woo‘s upcoming action thriller Silent Night, decided to give it a try. The actor attempted to grow through filming the thriller without speaking.

Silent Night, which is set against the backdrop of the Christmas season, is a dialogue-free film for his character, and as such Kinnaman attempted to remain silent throughout – both on and off set. Speaking during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the For All Mankind actor revealed how his first attempt at method acting unfolded. “I’ve never really done like a method acting process like that,” Kinnaman explained. “I’m gonna go full method on this one, so I talked to [my fiancé] Kelly, I was like, ‘Listen, this is going to be a tough one for our relationship. I’m not going to talk for our whole shoot, and I’m not going to talk with you either, so we’re not going to have any communication.'”

Despite initial resistance, Kelly eventually agrees to cease communication with the actor. However, it wasn’t long after that Kinnaman recognizes the error of his ways. “Then, the first day of shooting starts. I get in the car… it’s super quiet. The whole car ride to set,” Kinnaman explained. “Then I get into the makeup trailer, and everyone was, like, hanging out and talking. And I’m sitting there in the makeup trailer, and I’m looking at the people that are talking, and I’m sitting there, and I’m like, ‘If I’m not talking for six weeks, it’s going to be six weeks where I don’t talk.’ So, then I just started talking. But, I had a really, really intense silent car ride to set, and I felt like that was basically the whole thing, so that kind of charged me up with enough silence that I needed for the rest of the shoot.”

When Does ‘Silent Night’ Arrive in Theaters?

When Silent Night releases in theaters on December 1, 2023, it will follow a tormented father whose young son is caught in a gang’s crossfire on Christmas Eve, sending him into a world of grief from which he will emerge with the sole mission of exerting vengeance on those who wrecked his world. Since directing Paycheck in 2003 starring Ben Affleck, Silent Night will be Woo’s first American film in that time. Woo’s return is highly anticipated in many quarters with Kinnaman equally looking forward to it, “It was a great challenge, and I was very excited that he wanted to do it with me.”

Ahead of its release on December 1, 2023, here’s everything you need to know about Silent Night.

Silent Night 2023 Film Poster

Silent Night

Release Date
December 1, 2023

John Woo

Joel Kinnaman, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Kid Cudi, Harold Torres


104 minutes

Main Genre

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