Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was heavily criticized for its VFX issues, a problem that arose because of script issues, according to those involved.

In a recent report from Variety on the state of Marvel Studios, She-Hulk’s VFX issues were mentioned as part of a tumultuous period at the company. According to the report, internal sources at the company suggest that the VFX departments weren’t to blame, but that their struggles were instead part of deeper issues.

As the report notes, She-Hulk was originally planned to now show off star Tatiana Maslany’s transformation into the titular character until Episode 8, the second to last episode. However, Marvel shifted its plans after watching footage and wanted it to happen in the pilot to let the audience see more of Maslany’s backstory early on.

Victoria Alonso used as “scapegoat,” according to sources

Victoria Alonso, the former VFX and postproduction president at Marvel Studios, was fired earlier this year following large online criticism about the looks of shows and films like She-Hulk and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, respectively.

According to Variety’s article, internal sources believe that Alonso was simply a “scapegoat” for the issues.

“The so-called bad VFX we see was because of half-baked scripts,” said one person involved with She-Hulk. “That is not [Victoria Alonso]. That is [Kevin Feige]. And even above Kevin. Those issues should be addressed in preproduction. The timeline is not allowing the Marvel executives to sit with the material.”

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