Warning: contains spoilers for Star Trek #13!

Scotty has revealed the bittersweet final fate of Star Trek’s original heroes. Scotty, alongside Captain Kirk, Spock and the rest of the Enterprise crew, saved the galaxy countless times, and are rightly regarded as heroes. Scotty recently joined Captain Sisko on board the USS Theseus, and in Star Trek #13, during a moment of downtime, he makes a stunning confession about his relationship with his home planet and how it relates to his former crew mates.

Star Trek #13 is written by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly and drawn by Marcus To. As the Theseus prepares to head to the Tzenkethi homeworld, the crew reflects on their lives. Scotty reveals he skipped the ceremonies in the crew’s honor, going straight back to work on the ship. Then, he drops a bombshell: he has not been to Earth in over 70 years, and has no real desire to go back.

Scotty believes his lifetime of service to Starfleet, and particularly his adventures aboard the Enterprise, have given him this perspective.

Scotty is best known as the Chief Engineer of the Enterprise, serving under Captain Kirk. Scotty saved the ship on many occasions, acquiring the reputation as “the Miracle Worker.” Retiring from the service shortly after Kirk’s seeming death, Scotty ended up spending several decades in a transporter buffer. The ship carrying him to his retirement destination crash-landed on a Dyson Sphere, and Scotty inserted himself into the transporter as a means of saving his life. Scotty returned in the late 24th century, and Starfleet immediately put him back to work, and he helped design the Theseus.

Scotty having not returned to Earth for 70-plus years is a stunning revelation, but one that makes sense for his character. In numerous Star Trek episodes, Scotty was portrayed as devoted to both Starfleet and the Enterprise. While he had romantic relationships, Scotty never expressed interest in settling down. What is truly remarkable about Scotty’s admission is that he did not return to Earth, even after spending decades marooned on a distant world. Scotty has no real roots, and it is thanks to a lifetime spent in space. Scotty, and others like him, have spent their lives moving from world to world, and have no connection to home.

Many of Scotty’s Enterprise crewmates met with similar fates. Most notable is Captain Kirk, who died on Viridian III in Star Trek: Generations, thousands of light years from home. Furthermore, Spock dies stuck in an alternate timeline where his home planet was destroyed. The final fates of Doctor McCoy, Sulu, Chekov and Uhura have yet to be revealed, but it is clear that lifetime Starfleet officers all have a unique sense of place, cultivated by years spent serving on starships and starbases. Many of them, like Scotty, have no connection to their homes, having not visited them in almost 70 years.

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