Developed by Hagai Levi, Scenes from a Marriage is an English-language remake of the 1973 namesake Swedish miniseries by Ingmar Bergman. It tells the story of a couple, Jonathan Levy and Mira Phillips, and the gradual disintegration of their marriage. The five-episode Season 1 originally aired on HBO between September 12, 2021, and October 10, 2021. If you are wondering when Season 2 is coming out, we got you covered.

Here’s all the Scenes from a Marriage Season 2 release date information we know so far, and all the details on when it is coming out.

Is there a Scenes from a Marriage Season 2 release date?

Scenes from a Marriage Season 2 does not have an official release date. However, it can potentially exist in some format in the future.

Scenes from a Marriage was developed as a miniseries, and those traditionally don’t have a second season. However, Bergman went on to make a sequel to his version, Saraband, which came out 30 years after the release of the show. In an October 2021 interview with Indie Wire, Levi was asked if he had plans to do the same.

“There is this idea — which is like– I’m not sure tempting is the word, but it’s there — of taking other couples, gay couples, old couples, other couples, and having the same journey with them. It’s a weird idea,” he responded. “I don’t know yet. Another idea could be to keep following them, because I think you are invested in this couple, and you’re very curious what’s going to happen to them. So it could be a sequel, not 30 years later, but just a couple of years later. Yeah. It is tempting.”

So, while an actual second season may not happen, as Levi indicated, the story of Jonathan and Mira can continue in a sequel series or film. Alternatively, the sequel can focus on a completely different couple.

The cast of Scenes From a Marriage includes Oscar Isaac as Jonathan Levy, Jessica Chastain as Mira Phillips, Nicole Beharie as Kate, Corey Stoll as Peter, Sunita Mani as Danielle, Shirley Rumierk as Dr. Varona, Sophia Kopera as Ava Levy, Anna Rust as Veronica, Michael Aloni as Poli, and more.

Where is Scenes from a Marriage Season 2 coming out?

Scenes from a Marriage Season 2 isn’t confirmed to be released on HBO. ComingSoon will provide an update if and when the circumstances change.

The official synopsis for Scenes from a Marriage reads:

“A chronicle of the many years of love and turmoil that bind a contemporary American couple, tracking their relationship as it progresses through a number of successive stages: matrimony, parenthood, infidelity, divorce, and subsequent partnerships.”

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