Robert De Niro wasn’t taking allegations against him lightly, calling them “nonsense” and “absurd” at this trial.

De Niro trial

You talkin’ to me? As it turns out, the judge is, as Robert De Niro took the stand on Tuesday as part of a civil trial involving former assistant Graham Chase Robinson, who alleges that the actor discriminated against her and verbally lashed out. De Niro, expectedly, was having none of it.

During the trial, De Niro insisted that “the whole case is nonsense. It’s absurd. But I’m here,” also showing he was fed up with various claims, saying, “Give me a break with this nonsense. You got us all here for this.” Her attorneys better be careful – we all know what he did to Leo!

When questioned at his trial if De Niro ever yelled at Robinson, he stated, “I’ve raised my voice…I don’t yell. You wanna dispute that? That’s one thing I don’t do.” Whether or not this is splitting hairs can be disputed and very well could be as the trial continues. Still, he did admit to berating her, specifically using the term “f*cking spoiled brat.”

Robinson’s claims are part of a $12 million countersuit; De Niro and his company, Chase Productions, initially filed a $6 million lawsuit against Robinson for using funds for her own use and binge-watching Netflix during company hours – wait, we’re not supposed to do that? In her countersuit, Robinson – who held the position of Vice President of Production and Finance – claimed that De Niro made “vulgar, inappropriate and gendered comments” and assigned her to “stereotypically female job duties that were inconsistent with her job title.” At the trial, De Niro has done his part to make it clear that none of this is true and he will certainly continue to do so.

Robinson would also claim that De Niro’s girlfriend – who he had a baby with just this year – threatened the actor over Robinson’s employment. Upon leaving Chase Productions, Robinson requested a hefty severance pay, medical expenses and more. In a text regarding this, De Niro wrote, “Who the fuck does she think she is…The balls, the nerve, the chutzpah. The sense of entitlement. How dare her.” We’d like to think he used the cursing emoji as well…

The trial involving De Niro, now 80, and Robinson, who left her position in April 2019,is expected to conclude next week.

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