Warning! Contains Spoilers For Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War – Red Hood #2!

Red Hood has often had issues when it comes to interacting with the rest of the Bat-Family, especially when the Joker is involved. Jason’s desire to murder the Joker has often put Red Hood at odds with the rest of the Bat-Family. This is why, when Jason is making moves to get rid of the Joker for good, he has to rely on Manhunter for help.

While Red Hood has tried to give up using lethal force in the past, recently, he’s been right back to going after the Joker with everything he has, including in Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War – Red Hood #2 by Matthew Rosenberg, Nikola Cizmesija, Rex Lokus, and Troy Peteri. Jason has promised to kill the Joker no matter what, but that’s easier said than done, especially with two Jokers running around. This requires Red Hood to call on what few allies he has, and the ones he picks are pretty surprising.

While it’s not that shocking Red Hood calls on Ravager, it is surprising to see how much Red Hood seems to trust Manhunter. Red Hood specifically passes on information to Manhunter to have her check various locations the Joker has pointed Red Hood toward.

Plenty of characters in the DC Universe aren’t fans of the Joker and have tried to put him down for one reason or another. When the Joker goes on a rampage in Los Angeles, he earns the attention of Manhunter, who also tries to kill him in The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing #8 by Rosenberg, Carmine Di Giandomenico, Romulo Fajardo Jr., and Tom Napolitano. When the Joker flees back to Gotham City, Manhunter follows, putting her in Red Hood’s path. Red Hood realized they have similar goals and is completely open to working with her. The fact that he leaves her a piece of critical evidence to investigate in his place speaks volumes about the trust he has in her.

It would be nice to think the Bat-Family would support Jason and try to help him bring down the Joker, even if non-lethally, but that hasn’t been the case. The only member of the Bat-Family who currently seems willing to speak to Jason is Stephanie Brown. Ultimately, when it comes to people Red Hood can turn to for support, the Bat-Family is pretty low on the list. With Red Hood as Joker’s new nemesis, Jason is going to need all the help he can get. This is why Jason has seemingly decided to look outside the Bat-Family, picking an underrated L.A. hero who already tried to kill the Joker once.

Red Hood has been trying for a year now to end the Joker’s life, and with the rest of the Bat-Family occupied elsewhere, it looks like now’s the best chance he’ll ever get. With the team of Ravager and Manhunter at his side, Red Hood might finally get his revenge on the Clown Prince of Crime. It’s unfortunate that Jason couldn’t turn to his family in this pivotal moment, but, considering Batman’s current state of mind, Red Hood is definitely better off teaming up with Manhunter to finish the Joker.

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