Full Moon’s Demonic Toys characters are being added into the free-to-play Puppet Master video game in a December DLC!

Producer Charles Band, founder of Full Moon, started dreaming of having the Puppet Master characters cross over with the Demonic Toys characters while he was bringing the first Demonic Toys movie into the world back in 1992 – in fact, during the behind-the-scenes Video Zone that was put together for the release of Demonic Toys, Band revealed that Full Moon was considering having the puppets and toys face off in Puppet Master 4. That didn’t happen, Puppet Master 4 ended up being something totally different, but the idea of Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys was kept alive for over a decade. Unfortunately, Band didn’t get the chance to produce the film when it was made. He had to sell off the rights to the Sci-Fi Channel, and they made the Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys movie that was released in 2004. But now the crossover is finally happening under the Full Moon banner… not in a movie, but in the Puppet Master video game! A video has been revealed to announce that the Puppet Master video game is getting a Demonic Toys DLC in December – and you can check it out at the bottom of this article.

Immerse yourself deeper into the Puppet Master universe with October Games’ Puppet Master: The Game, now on STEAM! It’s a totally FREE TO PLAY online multiplayer PC game that celebrates the series’ 30 year legacy. Revisit iconic locations and select from a large roster of playable characters from the movies. Play as the Human and steal Andre Toulon’s secrets of reanimation and escape with your life! Play as the Puppets and protect your Master’s secrets at all costs! Sneak up on your prey and unleash a pint-sized siege of terror!

In addition to the multiplayer game mode, there’s also a single player mode called Toulon’s Journals, which allows players to complete challenges, fight bad guys, earn experience points, and find the lost pages of puppet master Andre Toulon’s journal. The journal pages dive into the back stories of franchise characters and were written by Nat Brehmer, author of the book Puppet Master Complete: A Franchise History (pick up a copy HERE). These journals are unlockable through audio log form in the single player mode, so you’re able to listen to them as you play. And listen to them again later at your own convenience, outside of the single player mode.

Two other game modes, Puppet Master and Manhunt, were recently added to the game. The Puppet Master Game Mode is a mode where One Defending Puppet Faction has to protect a single Human player from an Attacking Puppet Faction. The Human must complete an objective to escape and win. The Defending Puppet Faction wins if the Human Player escapes. The Attacking Puppet Faction wins when the Human Player is killed.

Manhunt is a mode where 2 Human players have to complete an objective and escape while defending themselves from a team of Attacking Puppets. The Humans must complete an objective to escape to win. The Attacking Puppet Faction wins when the Human Player is killed.

Do you play the Puppet Master video game, and are you glad to hear the Demonic Toys are being added into the mix? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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