• Pedro’s decision to leave Chantel and give up reality TV fame suggests he may have been seeking personal freedom rather than just a Green Card.
  • While Pedro’s actions have been hurtful, there may be more to his story and he may have genuine emotions and complexities that are often overlooked.
  • Pedro’s choice to leave Chantel and his reality career may not be as evil as it seems, and he may have been trying to spare her further pain by acknowledging that his love for her had died.



The Family Chantel star Pedro Jimeno is called a user and villain, but the truth is that he may have given up reality TV fame and fortune just to be free of Chantel Everett. Yes, he seemed like a Green Card hunter when he filed for divorce after qualifying for permanent residency in America. However, there may be more to it than that.

Pedro’s considered a monster because he hurt Chantel so much. Few people look at his perspective or wonder how he feels inside. Is he more complex than people realize? Does he have intense emotions, rather than being a greedy, ice-cold cheater? Did he really fall out of love with Chantel, rather than faking his emotions the whole time? All of the above are possible. The Family Chantel season 5 villain has been dragged through the mud. At times, his conduct’s been disgusting, but the truth is that he’s actually throwing away a lucrative reality career in order to be free. That doesn’t fit the gold digger image.

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Pedro Could Have Stayed (But Played Chantel)

Did Pedro Do The Honest Thing By Leaving Chantel?

Most reality celebs will try to stay in the spotlight come hell or high water. So, Pedro’s decision to step back is very unusual. Since he’s constantly trashed by viewers, he may not get the chance to appear in more reality content on his own, or with a new partner. He’s risking it all to be a single man. A real dirtbag might stay with their partner and cheat on them, rather than cutting the cord and risking their fame. So, Pedro’s choice may not be as evil as it seems.

That doesn’t mean that he didn’t put himself first the whole time. Like his sister and mother, Pedro looks out for number one. The Jimeno family members aren’t known for warm and fuzzy communication. They’re extraordinarily greedy people. There’s a reptilian quality as they seem to be mostly devoid of compassion. While Pedro has a lot of surface charm, underneath, he’s quite a steely, single-minded man. He’s always had his eye on the prize, which is the American Dream.

That doesn’t mean that he never, ever cared about Chantel. She is a lovely woman – she’s glamorous, fit and brainy, with a nursing career that she worked hard to build. It’s not like he was hustling a very mature woman who seemed like a real mismatch, as other 90DF “sanky panky” types have done. Chantel has plenty of attributes and many men are interested in dating her. Drake has shown interest and he’s a big star.

Chantel doesn’t fit the sad archetype of the older woman who wears rose-colored glasses as she convinces herself that her much-younger partner is in it for love rather than cold, hard cash. Pedro could have been in love with Chantel. He told her that he used to love her during one intense and disturbing The Family Chantel season 5 scene. When he uttered those words, she looked crushed. It was just so hurtful. What could be worse than hearing that an ex used to love you while the whole world watches? Chantel’s been through hell.

Since Pedro gave up so much for this divorce, he may have been trying to spare Chantel more pain. He may have realized that his love died and that nothing could bring it back to life. If that’s the case, although he hurt her terribly, he did the right thing. The fact that he was willing to throw away reality fame and its many perks in order to make a clean break speaks volumes. He really wanted out, but doesn’t necesarily hate his ex. He just wants to be free of her, even if the price of liberty is obscurity.

The Family Chantel Fans Haven’t Walked in Pedro’s Shoes

Pedro May Be A Villain, But What If He’s Misunderstood?

Pedro may be misunderstood, as he gets so much hate just because he faced reality. Things weren’t working, and he realized they never would. A lot of marriages end, but the men in those unions don’t get trashed by the public. Since he’s famous, Pedro’s in the line of fire. Every day, he has to read comments that cut him down. While his side of the story is shown in the ongoing season, there’s more to the story. Pedro’s defensive onscreen, rather than really speaking out about his feelings.

At some point, Pedro may stop attacking Chantel’s family. Offscreen, he’s more vocal… and he’s definitely bitter. He recently said that Chantel, Karen and Thomas Everett are trying to wreck his life in the USA. However, in the current installment, he’s usually trying to talk Chantel down, even if that always backfires. Her feelings are so raw and real, and although she’s trying to hard to be brave, it’s clear that the emotional damage Pedro’s done is at an almost nuclear level. She really loved this man and now she’s paying the price, and it all feels so unfair.

Pedro Hurt Chantel But He May Be Hurt Too

No One Cares About Pedro’s Feelings

Chantel’s reeling after a relationship that meant the world to her ended. Onscreen, she seems to have a hard time processing everything that Pedro’s saying to her. During their meeting about selling the house, he said (to paraphrase) that he was totally relieved that their marriage was over. The look on her face was so sad. Chantel looked very wounded. She’d really believed in Pedro, and for years, she fought his battles. Now, she has to adjust to a new reality, and it can’t be easy. He may not want to hurt her, but he does so anyway, and it may take years for her to recover from the trauma,

However, The Family Chantel season 5 celeb Pedro may be hurting too. It’s sometimes hard to know what he’s thinking while watching the show. He says certain things, but sometimes, he appears to be trying to look like a better person, when he’s not mollifying Chantel. For a long time, Pedro may have been phoning it in emotionally, rather than feeling love or anything else that he should feel. If he wants to repair his reputation, he should begin to get real offscreen, without attacking others. He needs to be more open about how the split has hurt him, if it did. Otherwise, he’ll be stuck with the villain label for life.

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