• A frustrating mechanic in Starfield limits wealth accumulation and progression in the game.
  • Resting for a couple of days can refresh vendor credits, but it’s not an ideal solution.
  • A mod called Richer Merchants can fix the issue by giving vendors more credits and goods, streamlining the accumulation of wealth.



Starfield is a pretty expansive space game with many different ways for people to earn credits. From selling looted goods to mining valuable natural resources and turning them over for a profit, there’s certainly a plethora of ways to earn credits in the game. Sadly, one seemingly minor gameplay mechanic that has been a mainstay in many Bethesda titles, like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, is holding people back from truly accumulating wealth and becoming the most powerful and influential person across the Settled Systems.

As frustrating as carrying capacity can sometimes be, what’s even worse is being unable to unload useless junk because the vendor just doesn’t have enough money. Though accumulating immense wealth that would put even Earth’s most affluent to shame is completely possible in Starfield, one simple limitation prevents players from truly establishing themselves as the 1% in the universe.

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Starfield Vendors Don’t Have Enough Credits

One of the most frustrating things in Starfield is the vendors’ complete lack of credits. While this isn’t noticeable during the early stages of the game, it becomes much more apparent as one advances through the game’s narrative and becomes more powerful. In later stages, high-level armor and weapons can empty out the vendor’s credits with literally one or two sales, leaving a rather frustrating and underwhelming visit.

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While there are a few useful vendors in Starfield, which makes the task a bit easier since it’s possible to visit more than one in each city — the act of having to visit each to unload the ship’s cargo or make room in the inventory for new items feels more like a mission from Kojima’s Death Stranding than a thing that should be required in Starfield. Some vendors will have more credits than others, with noticeable exceptions being the Trade Authority, which can sometimes have 11K credits or more.

Players Can Sleep To Refresh Vendor Credits

Starfield Starborn looking at a pile of bodies.

One way to fix the issue of vendors not having enough cash at hand is to rest for 24-48 hours, depending on the planet. Though the attention to detail when it comes to refresh timers based on a planet’s rotational speed is appreciated, what would be nicer is if vendors just had more credits. What would be even better is if it was possible to unload everything into one vendor so no time was wasted walking around in the city.

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While it could be argued that vendors having limited funds could encourage visiting more of them, that point wears thin after a few dozen hours in the game when every vendor has already been visited. Perhaps a solution could be a sliding scale of credits so that the amount of credits per vendor rises with the average item value in most people’s inventories. Though, doing all that math seems way more complex than just bumping up the credit amount in each vendor’s inventory.

A Lack Of Vendor Credits Makes No Narrative Sense

Player standing inside the lobby of the UC Distribution Center in New Atlantis.

While it would make sense in the world of Fallout, a post-apocalyptic society where goods are traded and sold using literal bottlecaps, or the metal drakon currency used in the fantasy setting of Skyrim, having physical credits in Starfield makes no sense. For one, the world in Starfield is highly advanced, set in the year 2330, where there was no apocalyptic event plunging the factions into a state where they’d have to use rudimentary means of currency. The fact that the planets don’t use some form of digital money is rather odd, considering this is supposed to be the future.

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While it does, to some degree, make sense that there would be a physical-unified currency for the Settled Systems, the fact that merchants with brick-and-mortar locations couldn’t get a few credits wired to them is something that makes no sense in the game’s world.

After all, this is the time of grav drives, completely sentient AI, jetpacks, and souped-up custom spaceships. The fact that a vendor would pass up a potential profit on a Starfield legendary item because they ran out of physical credits is absurd — especially considering some of these vendors are supply locations for major factions, like the UC Distribution Center in New Atlantis.

The Key Is The Best Marketplace In Starfield

Spaceship approaching a destroyed space station in Starfield.

For those accumulating wealth and items quickly, the Crimson Fleet’s Key is probably the best Starfield location to unload goods quickly. There are a handful of vendors nearby of each other, including Jasmine Durand and The Last Nova bar, making the pirates of the Settled Systems the best faction for unloading expensive wares without too much hassle.

Sadly, most other cities in Starfield don’t share this convenience, as many vendors and shops are spread out across sprawling cities that require fast travel in some cases. While this isn’t anything new for Bethesda titles, with other new systems in Starfield in place, it feels unreasonably punishing and amounts to doing busy work rather than more fun stuff, like space exploration or side missions.

One Mod Makes Merchants Richer

Starborn character standing in the middle of the bustling New Atlantis in Starfield.

For those who are tired of constantly having vendors and merchants in Starfield run out of money, there is a mod that fixes that. The aptly named Richer Merchants mod on NexusMods gives vendors in the game more credits and more goods like ammunition. Though it’s just a minor change to the vanilla Starfield experience, it’s one QoL change that goes a long way in streamlining the accumulation of wealth in the game.

Sadly, regardless of how many Starfield New Game Plus runs one has completed or the power one has gained, living truly lavishly in the world of Starfield is much harder than it should be. Not because it’s impossible to make money — no, actually, it’s the opposite; it’s quite easy to make money in Starfield. The bottleneck is limited vendor credits, a dull reason to frustrate players in an expansive space epic.

Source: NexusMods

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