Fans of One Piece wondered how the less-than-impressive pirate Buggy the Star Clown was able to reach the coveted status of Yonko in the manga, and when the answer came it was just as awesome as they expected. The hilarious character stayed true to his nature and half-stumbled, half-lied his way to the top of the pirate world, thanks to the unwilling help of two fearsome men, Dracule Mihawk and Sir Crocodile.

Buggy’s first big breakout came when the Marines mistakenly identified him as the mastermind behind the great Impel Down prison escape and then revealed he was once an apprentice of One Piece’s legendary Roger Pirates. After that, Buggy found himself in the middle of the Summit War, which he survived by sheer luck, gaining even more followers in the process.

The World Government offered him a place among the Seven Warlords of the Sea, which the opportunistic clown immediately accepted. He was a part of the Seven Warlords until the organization was disbanded and he found the Marines knocking at his door.

Chapter #1058 of One Piece reveals what happened after Buggy became a fugitive once again. Crocodile and Mihawk, also former Warlords, decided to unite their forces and create a new organization. Crocodile then went looking for

Buggy, who owed him a lot of money, and he took out the Marines besieging the clown. However, despite his success, Buggy was actually broke as he is very generous with his employees. To avoid Crocodile’s wrath, Buggy offered him all the resources of Buggy’s Deliveries to fund his new group, Cross Guild, especially the marketing department. However, Buggy’s men respect him too much, so when it was time to print a poster with the faces of the three “bosses,” they put Buggy on the top, making it look like Crocodile and Mihawk are working for him. The World Government believed it and, considering how dangerous Crocodile and Mihawk are, they considered Buggy to be even more dangerous, since he had such powerful “subordinates,” so they raised his bounty to over three billion and proclaimed Buggy one of the new Emperors of the Sea.

When Buggy was revealed as a Yonko, fans were sure that the story behind it would be hilarious, and they were not wrong. Buggy is a great character who is very close to One Piece‘s roots as a comedy. The manga does a great job in portraying him as a villain that fans actually love to root for. In a world full of people with the most destructive powers, Buggy is a “common man” who uses cunning skills and possesses a good dose of luck to reach his goals. Every time he reaches a new high, it’s mostly because his allies and his enemies misunderstand his value, which makes for some of the funniest moments in the series. This time, Buggy was put into trouble by the respect of his underlings, however, this happened to serve Mihawk and Crocodile’s purpose, who are happy to have a figurehead that can take some heat off themselves.

While Buggy may seem like a simple joke character, his constant upward momentum has made him one of the most important characters in the series. Given how much Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece likes his running gags, it is unlikely that this will stop any time soon. Due to this, there have been many theories proposing that Buggy will become the actual king of the pirates at the end of the series. While even Oda may not go that far for a joke, it does mean that the pirate clown will likely have a major role in the manga’s final saga.

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