• Nightwing receives an upgraded suit that brings him closer to Batman’s iconic appearance, solidifying him as Bruce’s perfect replacement.
  • Nightwing’s new suit in the prequel story to Kingdom Come features a flowing black cape, high collar, and red shoulder and arm accents.
  • The new suit hints at Nightwing’s transition to his eventual Red Robin alter ego, making him closer than ever to being the true replacement for Kingdom Come’s Batman.



Spoilers for Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #21!In the superhero world of DC Comics, Nightwing is a staple member of the Bat-Family who has stepped up to replace Batman more than once during trying times when The Dark Knight has needed it. And now, in a prequel story to the groundbreaking alternate universe tale of Kingdom Come, Nightwing has received an upgraded suit that brings him closer to Batman’s iconic appearance, further solidifying him as Bruce’s perfect replacement.

Having already donned Batman’s patented cape and cowl after he was thought dead following the epic events of 2008’s Final Crisis (among a couple of other instances), Dick Grayson aka Nightwing, has always been far more comfortable wearing crime-fighting attire that complements his more acrobatic and nimble nature.

Nightwing standing tall wearing his red Kingdom Come suit

Usually prowling the streets of Bludhaven wearing a set of spandex that look far less bat-like than his mentor’s, Nightwing’s signature blue and black bodysuit has become just as iconic as Batman’s batsuit, with Dick’s new red and black Kingdom Come design perfectly bridging the gap between his and Batman’s respective superhero looks.

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Nightwing Gets A New Batman-Like Kingdom Come Costume Design

Kingdom Come Batman DC

A suit making its debut in Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #21, by Mark Waid and Dan Mora, this issue sees Batman and Superman stranded in the world of Kingdom Come well before the events of this seminal story ever begin. Showing this universe’s Nightwing after arriving on the scene at the height of a battle between Batman and his older Kingdom Come counterpart, Dick is drawn decked out in his controversial New 52 red chest logo, a very Batman-esque utility belt, and a new addition to his costume that’s practically nonexistent in his other designs: a flowing black cape.

Keeping his domino mask and form-fitting bodysuit, this new outfit also sports a high collar and red shoulder and arm accents, giving Nightwing a more Batman-like vibe where his cape is concerned but also doing just enough to set this design apart from not only Dick’s main blue and black look, but his eventual Kingdom Come Red Robin suit as well. Furthermore, with Dick now utilizing a cape and a more traditional utility belt, it’s fun to speculate what new kinds of techniques and gadgets Dick might have mastered when developing these new superhero threads, making his transition from Nightwing to his eventual Red Robin alter ego an even more exciting one.

Nightwing’s New Look Brings Him Closer To His Red Robin Character Design

Kingdom Come Red Robin talking and looking at Superman

This costume upgrade may still be a stepping stone to Dick’s future Red Robin design, but as it stands in its current form, it also acts as a satisfying take on an alternate version of Nightwing sporting a visually distinct style that fans haven’t seen before. Nightwing is already more or less the go-to replacement for Batman, regardless of his personal feelings about taking up the mantle, but now with a new suit putting him on the path to becoming the Kingdom Come hero fans are eventually introduced to, Dick is closer than ever to being the true replacement for this parallel world’s Caped Crusader.

Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #21 is now available from DC Comics.

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