It takes a lot to be a fashion icon, but Vanessa Kirby is more than up to the task in a new featurette for Ridley Scott’s Napoleon. Sitting down with the film’s costume designer, Academy Award-winner Janty Yates (Gladiator, House of Gucci), the duo walk viewers through the dazzling looks they’ll be treated to when the period epic arrives in theaters and IMAX on November 22.

Explaining some of the more-of-the-time visuals from the film, Kirby, who will play Empress Joséphine, spoke about the red necktie that many of the film’s characters will be seen wearing. As Kirby says, “When they were in prison, women had to cut their hair because they were worried about the blade of the guillotine getting stuck, and then when they came out of prison, they used to wear this red ribbon around their neck, like where the blade of the guillotine would have been.” Yates then dives into the over-the-top hats and garments of the time and how fashion shifted in a major way following the French Revolution, with women going for sexier and more revealing ensembles.

Sparing no detail when it comes to her designs and dedication to the craft, Yates has been a long-time collaborator with Scott. With Gladiator being the pair’s first time working together, the duo has since added titles like American Gangster, Prometheus, Exodus: Gods and Kings, Alien: Covenant, House of Gucci, and The Last Duel to their long-list of costuming collaborations.

Known for gathering top-tier talent for his productions, Scott has done it again with Napoleon. The film stars Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix (Joker) as the titular Emperor of France with an ensemble that includes Ludivine Sagnier (Swimming Pool), Matthew Needham (Sanditon), Tahar Rahim (The Looming Tower), Ben Miles (The Crown), Youssef Kerkour (Home), Rupert Everett (My Best Friend’s Wedding), and Gorillaz singer, Phil Cornwell – just to name a few.

In Napoleon, Phoenix stars as the power-hungry Emperor of France, Napoleon Bonaparte, on his climb to the top to restore glory to his country. The film will also give audiences a deeper look into his tumultuous relationship with Kirby’s Joséphine and, from what we’ve seen so far in teasers and trailers, will include pulse-pounding, breathtaking battle scenes covered by incredible camera work. With Scott’s background in historical dramas, and specifically making them as big and as bold as possible, Napoleon is already shaping up to be on an even more grandiose stage than the rest.

Arriving in theaters to duke it out with Disney’s Wish, Napoleon comes riding into town on November 22. Ensuring that theater-goers get nothing but the top treatment when it comes to taking in Scott’s latest piece of film, a slew of viewing options await ticket buyers from your regular local cinema to the option of fully immersing yourself in the brutal battles via IMAX.

Learn more about the costumes of Napoleon in the featurette below.

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