Director Michael Mann has revealed his next project will be a remake of the Korean thriller Veteran, despite his current development of Heat 2. Mann is best known for his focus on crime in films, such as some of his earliest releases, Manhunter and Heat. He also has many action movies under his belt, with notable releases including Collateral and Miami Vice.

Now, Variety reports Mann will be tackling another action film for his next project, this being a remake of the South Korean crime thriller Veteran. This is despite the director currently working on the upcoming Heat 2, a sequel to his 1995 crime film. However, it’s also unclear what role he will have in creating Veteran beyond script development.

Mann has many notable projects coming soon, including the release of Ferrari, a biopic about Enzo Ferrari starring Adam Driver. Heat 2 remains another major movie coming from the director, given its status as a sequel to one of the most widely-recognized works of his career. Because of these upcoming films, it remains unclear if he will only be overseeing the script for Veteran, or directing the film in some capacity too.

The original version of Veteran follows police detective Seo Do-cheol as he investigates the death of a truck driver that soon leads into a major conspiracy. Alongside the action focus of the 2015 original film, the movie also contained a comedic tone despite some of the dark subject matter involved. With Mann scripting the American version, it’s possible the tone could change in its Western adaptation.

With both the new version of the Korean film and a sequel to one of his older movies in development, Mann has plenty of projects on his plate. It remains to be seen which project will arrive first, as Veteran must be adapted for American audiences while Heat 2‘s recasting also has yet to be announced. The director is clearly keeping busy with a multitude of projects that show he’s far from done telling new stories.

Source: Variety

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