Warning: Spoilers for Spider-Boy #1!

Even in teaming up with the most hated hero in Marvel, Squirrel Girl reminds readers why she’s the best teammate in the Marvel Universe. It’s been long-established that Squirrel Girl can get along with anyone, even villains like Galactus and Kraven the Hunter. Most recently, she finds a way to team up with someone no one else can seemingly stand: Spider-Boy.

The team-up takes place in Spider-Boy #1, a backup story titled “Ballonacy!” by Dan Slott, Ty Templeton, Dee Cunniffe, and VC’s Joe Caramagna. In it, Spider-Boy meets Squirrel Girl; or, rather vice versa, since like the rest of the Marvel Universe, Doreen has met Spider-Boy before, but just doesn’t remember he ever existed. Still, that doesn’t stop them from having some keen crimefighting chemistry.

On top of quickly becoming an excellent duo in combat, Squirrel Girl and Spider-Boy make quick friends – proving Squirrel Girl to be the exception to the rule among Marvel’s heroes, most of whom have not taken to the young Webslinger quite as easily.

During the Thanksgiving Parade, Spider-Boy escorts his best friend Christina to the rooftops, for a better view of the festivities. There, they find Squirrel Girl, who Bailey introduces himself to all over again. The two warm up to each other quickly, which is perfect timing, as his Spider Senses (which, unlike Spider-Man, alert Bailey to people around him being in danger rather than himself) alert him to the presence of Balloon Man. He and Squirrel Girl spring into action, and when Balloon Man attacks, they work efficiently in unison. Given his experiences with Balloon Man (which Balloon Man can’t recall), Bailey knows how to combat him, and Doreen trusts his lead.

This one team-up puts into perspective why all of Squirrel Girl’s team-ups tend to end with such rousing success every time: trust. Trust is a key factor in every collaboration between heroes, but Squirrel Girl has a special brand of trust in her teammates that separates her from other heroes. She is not only able to trust whoever she works with, but trust them fast. Keep in mind that this team-up against Balloon Man takes place mere minutes after meeting Spider-Boy for what is to her the first time. Quickly, and perceptively, she’s able to trust his instincts when he urges her to follow his lead.

For most people, superheroes or otherwise, trusting a stranger to take the lead is difficult k in any situation, and that feeling is magnified when the situation is as dire as in “Ballonacy!”. In most cases, Squirrel Girl has no problem trusting another person, no matter how long or short a time has come since meeting them. Some may view it as naive on Squirrel Girl’s behalf, but her level of trust has yet to let her down so far throughout her heroic, and in this instance with Spider-Boy, it paid off for her once again. Moreover, “Ballonacy!” makes it clear that Squirrel Girl sees potential in Spider-Boy that other Marvel heroes haven’t acknowledged yet.

Spider-Boy #1 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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