Gunshots reverberated through the residence of Punjabi singer Gippy Grewal on Saturday, with notorious gangster Lawrence Bishnoi claiming responsibility for the brazen attack. The startling revelation unfolded on Facebook, where a post under the name of Lawrence Bishnoi detailed the orchestrated violence in the White Rock area of Vancouver, Canada.

Lawrence Bishnoi Threatens Salman Khan

The message ominously warned Gippy Grewal that his close association with Bollywood actor Salman Khan wouldn’t serve as a shield. It read, “Your close ties with Salman Khan won’t protect you. It’s time for your ‘brother’ to step up and defend you. This message also extends to Salman Khan – don’t fool yourself into thinking Dawood Ibrahim can safeguard you from our reach.”

The post continued to address Gippy Grewal directly, accusing him of insincere condolences following the demise of Sidhu Moose Wala. He added, “No one can save you. Your ostentatious response to Sidhu Moose Wala’s death didn’t go unnoticed. You were well aware of his character and his criminal connections.”

The post concluded with a chilling warning, saying, “Till the time Vicky Middhukhera was alive you would always hover around, and later, you mourned Sidhu more. You’re also now on our radar, and you will now witness what deceiving means. This was just a trailer. The whole film will be released soon. Run away to any country but remember death doesn’t require any visa, it would come where it has to.”

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Lawrence Bishnoi, a notorious gangster, faces a litany of criminal charges, including murder and extortion. Known for his global criminal network, Bishnoi is reportedly linked to around 700 shooters across the world.

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