• Christine Brown wears a novelty t-shirt mocking polygamy, which is clearly aimed at her ex-husband Kody Brown.
  • Christine’s posts on social media may be subtle digs at Kody. The social media content showcases her happiness after their split.
  • Christine’s embracing her newfound freedom and happiness, taking control of her life, and finding joy outside of polygamy.



Sister Wives season 18 star Christine Brown recently wore a novelty t-shirt that mocked polygamy, and although she’s making a show of being very happy after marrying David Woolley, she appears to be taking digs at her ex, Kody Brown. If she’s aiming posts at him, it’s possible that some of her “happiness” is manufactured in order to get at Kody. Since Instagram’s often a form of theater, where people craft personas to gain clout (and win feuds in the court of public opinion), Christine’s posts may be barely cryptic disses. She could be trying to needle a certain irritable and self-righteous patriarch.

During her long spiritual union with Kody, Christine got used to pain. The female Sister Wives season 18 star lived with jealousy for years, and it ate away at her peace of mind. She was once the youngest wife, and Kody used to give her plenty of love and affection. Then, Robyn Brown came in and took it all away. Sure, it was Kody who ultimately robbed her of the connection she needed, but Christine blamed Robyn. Robyn became the favorite wife. She was the youngest, and so different from the others. Kody wanted the petite brunette, rather than the three blond spouses that he started neglecting.

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Is Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Out For Revenge?

Does Christine Want Kody To Suffer?

Now, it’s payback time. Offscreen, in the press, Kody’s talking about how angry he is. His rage is centered on Christine and his other wives leaving. Onscreen, Christine bailed out, and Janelle and Meri Brown were destined to follow in her footsteps. Christine started the exodus, so Kody may blame her for the loss of his precious uber-patriarch status. If she hadn’t left, maybe no one else would have either. She’s taking to social media to share just how amazing her life is now. Is she for real? Maybe she is and maybe she isn’t. Probably, it’s a mixture of genuine happiness and trying to put the screws to Kody.

Christine Brown Tried Polygamy And It Sucked

Christine was seemingly mild-mannered when she posted a clip that featured her making Thanksgiving mini-rolls. She’s an excellent baker, and fans are really interested in how she pulls together these amazing treats. In the past, she’s made pumpkin rolls and other down home delicacies. In the Brown family, she was always the ultimate homemaker, giving Martha Stewart a run for her money by keeping the home looking fabulous, caring for the kids and creating wonderful meals and desserts. In the video above, Christine’s baking up a storm while wearing a funny t-shirt. As seen above, it says, “I’ve tried polygamy.” Everyone knows how that little experiment played out.

Of course, she didn’t have to wear that particular garment. She wore it because she was going to film her culinary adventure. She put on the shirt to get a rise out of Kody and entertain fans. Followers are into that so she’s not going to get very many complaints, but her t-shirt choice does show that she’s still thinking about the past. The Sister Wives season 18 celeb isn’t totally free of memories and, perhaps, bitterness.

Life’s short, and as people mature, that fact stands out in bold relief. Christine knows that life doesn’t last forever, so she’s grabbing happiness whenever and wherever she can (and good for her). However, it’s only natural that she’s harboring some resentment over all of those wasted years with Kody. While wonderful children were produced, Kody let her down over and over again. He was supposed to be her best friend, not a cold and unfeeling man who preferred another woman and made no secret of that.

Now, Christine’s in control. She’s won the divorce. She gets plenty of love online, in the post above and when she adds other clips, pictures and captions. She’s stepped into her own power, rather than occupying an unfulfilling number two position. She doesn’t need to put a man first – she and her new husband can be equals. While she may keep needling Kody via Instagram, she’s not doing it in a mean-spirited way. She keeps it fairly subtle, cheeky, and fun. That’s who Christine is. No mater how often life knocks her down, she gets up and laughs it off. She’s tough, cool, and a Sister Wives star that’s so easy to root for.

Source: Christine Brown/Instagram

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