“There are some rules that we don’t want to break if it breaks the very fabric of the idea of Quantum Leap.”

But they won’t let that stand in the way of making new and engaging episodes of the series, with Gero specifically citing the breaking of the “can’t leap outside their life” rule.

“Some of the die-hard fans had a problem with that at first, which I totally get, (but) our new viewers who didn’t know the rule don’t care. And I think the old viewers have come around because it gets us into certain areas that are a lot more fun.”

Georgaris brings up the new series’ focus on what’s going on back at the Project. In the original series, getting to see what was going in the future was rare. In the new series it’s happening every episode. This decision forced the writers to answer questions the original series didn’t have to tackle.

“There were only so many questions you could ask (in the original series) about, ‘what does this mean? How could this actually work?’ One of the things that I find exciting, I think we all find exciting, is, let’s question all these assumptions. What assumptions have we made that might not actually be true?”

The idea of this bothers some fans but Georgaris agrees with the idea that we brought up to him, that much of the “lore” of the original series that fans think of as “fact” was, in part, guesses and theories in the actual story. This allows the creatives of the new series to question the most heartbreaking part of the original show, that Sam never got home.

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