Convicted serial killer Lonnie Franklin Jr., dubbed the Grim Sleeper, preyed on Los Angeles women for a span of three decades. He was behind at least ten murders, supposedly committed between 1984 and 2007, per People Magazine. One such crime was the attack on Enietra Washington on November 19, 1988.

Washington, who was 30 years old and a mother-of-two at the time, lived to tell her story to the world. She also testified at Franklin’s sensational 2016 trial after which a jury convicted him on ten counts of first-degree murder, sentencing him to death on each count in August. The jury also found him responsible for Washington’s attempted-murder.

According to CNN, San Quentin State Prison authorities found Franklin dead in his prison cell on March 28, 2020.

Grim Sleeper survivor Enietra Washington describes brutal attack

Serial killer Grim Sleeper survivor Enietra Washington (Photo Credit: Al Seib | Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

People Magazine reported that on the night of November 19, 1988, Enietra Washington was walking to a friend’s house when Lonnie Franklin Jr., a complete stranger, offered her a ride. She initially declined the offer but he pressed her into accepting, saying, “That’s what’s wrong with you black women. People can’t be nice to you.” She felt sorry for the man and eventually changed her mind.

In her testimony, which would come in 2016, Washington claimed that they drove through the Los Angeles. But Franklin made at a house – that he claimed belonged to his uncle – to pick up money. He spoke to someone at the front door, returned 10 minutes later, and started acting strange.

The outlet reported that Washington testified that Franklin accused her of “dogging him” and even called her another woman’s name. But soon, things went “eerily quiet” when the 33-year-old realized that he shot her in the chest. She pleaded with the attacker to take her to the hospital but he refused to comply.

Following this, Washington went unconscious and claimed that she woke up to being sexually assaulted. She reportedly passed out one more time and woke up to the flash of a polaroid camera. The serial killer then started his car and pushed her out of the vehicle. The mother-of-two got up and stumbled over to a friend’s house, who called an ambulance.

CNN stated that police only arrested Lonnie Franklin Jr., aka the Grim Sleeper, in 2010 using DNA evidence. They also found a stash of photos during a search of his house. This photo collection also comprised a Washington’s polaroid.

Authorities believed the serial killer targeted young vulnerable Black women who resided in south Los Angeles. Most of these victims struggled with drug addiction and their naked or partially clothed bodies were found across the neigborhood over the decades.

Franklin’s conviction came decades later in May 2016, finally bringing peace to the community and the victims’ families.

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