Amsterdam has long been a thriving hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, and its startup scene continues to flourish. 

The Netherlands’ capital city’s startup scene is characterised by its diversity, encompassing various industries, including technology, sustainability, health, and more.

Further, it also shares a unified commitment to disrupt traditional models, forging new paths, and tackling global challenges. 

With support from incubators, accelerators, and venture capital firms, they are growing at an ideal speed. 

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Consequently, several startups in the city are currently raising funding, demonstrating Amsterdam’s resilience and appeal to investors.

The list has been compiled with the inputs from StartupAmsterdam’s collaboration with Startup Fountain. 

Founded by Friso Schmid (ex co-founder of Keezel), Startup Fountain is an open fundraising platform offering free introductions for startups and investors. It charges no success fees, and the sign-up is free of charge too. 

Cooper Pet Care
Image credit: Cooper Pet Care

Cooper Pet Care

Founder/s: Michael Fisher and Pavel Timofeev

Amount Raising: €500,000

Cooper Pet Care provides online veterinarian services to modern pet owners. The Amsterdam-based platform allows users to book a video consultation with certified veterinarians to discuss their pet’s symptoms and get advice on pet healthcare, nutrition, or behavioural topics. 

Instant access to a qualified veterinarian online lowers the bar for obtaining veterinary care and enables clients to do so from the comfort of their homes. 

Gymstory founders | Image credit: Gymstory


Founder/s: Mathieu Wernsen, Lars van der Wal and Michael Fahim

Amount Raising: €1,000,000

Gymstory develops a digital fitness platform that motivates users to exercise more in gyms and keep track of their gymming activities.

The team works together with the Vrije Universiteit, a public research university in Amsterdam, for the development of its platform for tracking fitness activities.

According to the Amsterdam company, the number of cancellations in gyms is very high, partly due to the difficulty of keeping track of progress in the gym. Gymstory is developing a tracking sensor that makes it easy to digitise fitness equipment, after which every user can connect to it with the Gymstory app on their smartphone and receive live training feedback.



Founder/s: Man Yong Toh, Nikolaj Van Veen

Amount Raising: €3,000,000

Ryberg is developing AI-assisted, UV-C disinfection robots to help healthcare organisations disinfect 10x faster and more effectively than traditional methods while reducing operational costs by up to 5x and eliminating human errors. The Amsterdam company does this by combining computer vision, robotics, and medical science. 



Founder/s: Daniel Reisman, Chris Bloomfield

Amount Raising: €2,000,000

Collie has developed solar-powered smart cow collars to revolutionise farming practices through regenerative principles. 

The smart collar uses gentle techniques to train cows to respond to sounds and vibrations, allowing them to move at their own pace and eliminating the need for stressful herding methods.

Through this cow training process, farmers can monitor, move, and contain cows anywhere on their farm using their smartphones.

Aware 1


Founder/s: Feico Van Der Veen, Koen Warmerdam, Swati Mathur

Amount Raising: €2,500,000

Aware offers a traceability solution for the fashion and textile industry – the Digital Product Passport (DPP). 

It embeds a physical tracer in raw materials and validates each step in the supply chain, generating primary data that is automatically recorded on a public blockchain. 

It creates a virtual supply chain that provides primary impact figures and ensures transparency.

The company’s mission is to minimise the collective impact by maximising traceability. 

The Dutch company enables brands, suppliers, and consumers to make more conscious decisions.

How to succesfully outsource…

…your recruitment or product development with our curated community partners!

…your recruitment or product development with our curated community partners! Show Less

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