• Cosplay photographer Nicholas Costanzo received a movie-quality Spider-Man Zero suit as a surprise gift from his fellow artists in the cosplay community, showcasing the strong bond between them.
  • The Zero suit, created by artist James Davis and others, lives up to the high standards set by Davis and his previous Spider-Man builds.
  • With his new costume, Costanzo is now officially a cosplayer himself – but whether he will wear the Zero suit at future conventions remains to be seen.



Spider-Man has brought many people together in the decades since the character’s debut – with a heartwarming example coming when a beloved cosplay photographer received a build of the Webslinger’s Zero suit, featured in Fortnite, from an artistic collaborator and friend within the cosplay community, providing an incredible moment between the two creators, which was subsequently shared to Instagram.

Artist James Davis (@ryrostudios)– known for making cinematic-quality Spider-Man costumes – worked with several other builders to make the Spider-Man Zero suit as a gift for photographer Nicholas Costanzo (

Costanzo has become a fixture in the cosplay community in the past several years, with his friends’ surprise gift of the Zero suit serving as a testament to the strong bond the photographer has formed with his fellow artists.

Spider-Man’s Zero Suit Looks Astounding In Real Life

Spider-Man Zero suit, skin available in Fortnite

As great of a story as the Spider-Man Zero suit’s creation is, it is important to note off the top that the suit looks excellent, living up to the incredibly high standard of quality James Davis has set for himself, especially with his Spider-Man builds – each of which is sleeker, and more dynamic than the last. Davis posted a sped-up video of the unboxing on Instagram, featuring a wide-eyed Nicholas Costanzo as the full extent of the gift he is receiving dawns on him. Davis also posted a heartfelt message to Costanzo, writing, “I can’t thank you enough for not only being my photographer, but more importantly, my friend.”

Keep driving and keep fighting, because your work speaks for itself,” Davis wrote, offering high praise for the photographer. Costanzo responded with his own post, thanking everyone involved in the creation of the Zero build, explaining how he, “found [himself] involved heavily in the cosplay community,” and the excitement that has brought him as an artist, as well as bringing “new friends and family” into his life. The video of Costanzo unpackaging his suit for the first time, along with his post, which features him kicking back in a hotel chair after a long day on the convention floor, are a true tribute to the connection between kindred spirits.

Nicholas Costanzo Is Officially A Full-Fledged Cosplayer Thanks To His Friends

Having made his mark as a photographer, Nicholas Costanzo now finds himself the owner of a costume-built, movie-quality Spider-Man Zero suit, ensuring he will spend more time in front of the camera moving forward. It is worth wondering whether he will pull double duty at future conventions, sporting his Zero suit on the floor as he serves as a photographer, capturing images of the other best-dressed people there.

hether that, or he puts the suit on display somewhere safe, to honor the gift he received, the look on Costanzo’s face as he unwrapped his own Spider-Man suit is one of the most heartwarming comic book stories of the year.

Sources: James Davis (@ryrostudios); Nicholas Costanzo (

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