Will the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strikes, many fans have been wondering whether Deadpool 3 has been delayed. Here’s all you need to know about the release date of Marvel’s highly anticipated upcoming crossover event.

Is Deadpool 3 delayed again?

Deadpool 3 has not been delayed yet and still holds its May 3, 2024 release date. But it’s possible that the movie will be moved again.

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s upcoming R-rated action flick was initially scheduled for September 6, 2024. It was then moved to November 8, 2024, but finally got Disney’s big summer blockbuster spot on May 3, 2024.

But the SAG-AFTRA strike has possibly put this release date in jeopardy. Each day the strike continues, the possibility of Deadpool 3 making its summer 2024 release also diminishes.

Why Deadpool 3 could be delayed again

With a reported half of the movie still left to be shot, it‘s possible that Deadpool 3 will be delayed.

Earlier in October, director Shawn Levy talked to TheWrap about Deadpool 3 making its release date. When asked about its possibility, he said:

“I wish I knew. I don’t even know if we officially have [a release date]. I know we were gonna be May 3. Certainly, the actors’ strike and the long pause in production have put that release date in true risk. We’ve shot half the movie. I’ve edited half the movie. We’re dying to get back to work and get this movie out next year.”

The fact that half of the movie has been shot and edited should come as a confidence booster. But with just six months left in its release and half of the movie still left to be shot, it will be tough for Deadpool 3 to make its May 3, 2024 release.

To prevent another incomplete Justice League release scenario, it would be appropriate for Marvel to move Deadpool 3 to a later date in 2024. The film is supposed to be a major hit for Marvel/Disney, so it’s understandable that the studio would want to get everything spot on.

Since Thunderbolts is also expected to be pushed, it is possible for Deadpool 3 to take its December 20, 2024 release, and come out in the same window that made Spider-Man: No Way Home so successful. However, nothing is confirmed just yet.

If the delay happens, then it will be the first year since 2010 that Marvel won’t be the one to start summer with its tentpole release.

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