Gunnebo Entrance Control has launched a new white paper to open the discussion on creating a layered physical security approach to protect data centres from increased security threats.

The downloadable discussion paper, entitled, ‘Protecting Data Centres by Layering Security’, highlights the immediate challenges faced by data centres and the solutions available that could be seen as ‘enablers of change’.

Gunnebo presents the essential need for a proactive approach to security, right from the initial design phase of any data centre, identifying the need for continuous maintenance and monitoring to ensure evolving security risks are prevented.

Tina Hughan, Gunnebo Entrance Control’s Global Marketing and Sustainability Director and author of the white paper, says, “In today’s digital world, data centres are not just the heartbeats of our interconnected society, they are the custodians of our most precious digital assets. They ensure information flows seamlessly and securely, powering innovation, and safeguarding our connected future.

“With such a responsibility, the need for uptime operations is crucial, as is the need to secure the facility from every potential threat, including the potential for hackers to physically access a site. In this white paper, we highlight how every area of a data centre should be analysed, with details of how a full risk assessment can support a layered and scalable approach to security, to guarantee the ongoing safety of any data stored.”

The white paper draws on the increasing role of data impacting everyday life and the significant ramifications of any breach, citing several high-profile cases that have led to the loss of confidence and significant financial fallout.

With case examples of how to progress through risk assessment together with advice from leading security authority bodies on conducting risk management strategy, the white paper looks at the successful implementation of a physical layered approach to security. It also includes the need for consideration of security early and on an ongoing maintenance and monitoring basis to combat evolving security risks.

Tina concludes, “In a world where data centres increasingly serve as the core component of our interconnected world, proactively safeguarding these critical facilities has never been more paramount. Not responding to the heightened risks and vulnerabilities of sites across the globe has proven to have devastating effects.

“In this white paper, we take a holistic approach to the use of security technology to explore the different data centre applications, with real-life case studies to identify success. We acknowledge this is just the start of a very complex conversation and would love to see it as an opportunity to open a debate and explore the opportunities further.”

The white paper is now available to download here.

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