When and Where Will Gen V Episode 8 Be Available to Watch?

The season finale of Gen V will be available to watch for U.S. Prime Video subscribers at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on Thursday Nov. 2 and everywhere else that Prime Video is available on Friday Nov. 3.

Gen V Season 1 Recap

The first season of Gen V begins with Marie Moreau (Jaz Sinclair), a young freshman at Godolkin University, discovering that the politics of the real world are a lot harsher than she thought. Even though she saved someone’s life, she finds herself expelled from the university until the school’s Golden Boy, Luke Riordan (Patrick Schwarzenegger), kills Professor Brink (Clancy Brown) before killing himself in the middle of campus.

In the chaos, Marie is thrust into the spotlight as the Guardian of Godolkin alongside Andre Anderson (Chance Perdomo), Luke’s best friend. Vought of course tries their best to spin this tragedy in their favor by enlisting Tek Knight (Derek Wilson) to interrogate those closest to Luke, but Andre refuses to believe that his friend lost his mind for no reason. His desire to uncover the truth leads to the discovery of a conspiracy at God U involving a secret lab on campus known as The Woods.

Andre convinces Marie’s roommate Emma (Lizze Broadway), who has the ability to shrink, to sneak into The Woods. She’s successful, and discovers that Luke’s brother Sam isn’t dead like they all were led to believe. Sam has been trapped in The Woods for years while Dr. Edison Cardosa (Marco Pigossi) and others perform experiments on him and Luke.

Emma and Sam manage to escape, but just as they meet up with Cate, Andre, Marie, and Jordan (London Thor and Derek Luh) to share what they’ve learned, the group minus Sam wake up days later with memory loss. They first accuse the creepy Rufus (Alexander Calvert), but soon discover that Cate is responsible for their lost time and that she has been working with Dean Shetty to cover up The Woods and its experiments for years. Feeling guilty for betraying her friends, Cate gives them their memories back, which overloads her capabilities and triggers a seizure that pulls Andre, Marie, and Jordan into her collapsing mind.

While there, the three discover that Dean Shetty came to Cate when she was young and offered her a way out of the locked room her parents kept her in. For a while, Cate felt loyalty to Shetty because she was the first adult that didn’t act scared of her powers, but after Shetty forced her to repeatedly lie to Luke about his brother and The Woods, Cate decided that she didn’t want to be Shetty’s puppet any longer.

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