Moon in the Day K-drama is a time-slip love story, starring Kim Young-Dae and Pyo Ye-Jin. The lead cast plays dual roles as characters from the past and present.

In the Silla Dynasty, Young-Dae plays General Do Ha, and Ye-Jin essays the role of Ha Ri-Ta, the daughter of the Gaya general. The two are lovers in the past life but has a tragic end. Ri-Ta is reborn after 1,500 years as Kang Young-Hwa and is a firefighter. Do Ha’s look-alike in the present time is actor Han Jun-Oh.

The new Korean drama builds up curiosity among fans as they wonder if the modern time’s pair will have the same fate.

Moon in the Day release date, time & cast

Moon in the Day Episode 1 premiered on Wednesday, November 1, 2023, at 9.00 p.m. KST on ENA and Genie TV. The second installment will air on November 2, 2023. Every week, two episodes will be released on Wednesdays and Thursdays, respectively.

New episodes will also be available to stream on Viki with subtitles. It may also be released on Netflix but in a few regions.

The cast includes Kim Young-Dae (Extraordinary You, Shooting Stars), Pre Ye-Jin (What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim), and Ohn Joo-Won (Beautiful Gong Shim). The K-drama also stars Jung Heon (No Matter What), Lee Joon-Hyuk (100 Days My Prince), Jung Woong-In (Prison Playbook), Jung Shin-Hye (I Love You, Loser), and Bae Eun-Young (Racket Boys).

Pyo Min-Soo and Park Chan-Yul are the directors, while the writers are Kim Hye-Won and Jung Seong-Eun.

Moon in the Day plot & more

Moon in the Day initially released a teaser, introducing past time’s Do Ah and modern day’s Young-Hwa. It hinted that Do Ah returned to the present time to seek revenge. The network later released trailers and photos that gave a deeper insight into the tragic love story, helping viewers to explore the plot better. 

Jun-Oh is a top star with charming features but has an inferiority complex. One day, he participates in a public advertisement with firefighter Young-Hwa. Their first encounter results in banter and hatred towards each other. But things take a different turn when Jun-Oh has a car accident during filming.

Young-Hwa turns into his bodyguard post-accident. When the top star wakes up, Silla Dynasty’s Do Ah has possessed his body. The vengeful spirit can finally take his revenge as his wife Ri-Ta killed him in his past life.

The trailer for Moon in the Day showed Jun-Oh with Do Ah’s spirit inside his body getting confused when Young-Hwa risks her life to protect him. The IMDb description of the series reads:

“A dangerous and affectionate romance between a man whose time stops after being killed by his beloved lover and a woman who loses her memory of her previous life and whose time passes away endlessly.”

Viewers can expect actor Kim Young-Dae to perform battle scenes. In an interview, he spoke about his character and said, “I wanted to portray the differences between each character distinctively so that viewers could also feel them, and I paid the most attention to capturing the unique characteristics of each character.”

Lead actress Pyo Ye-Jin also explained the differences between her characters. She stated, “Without even trying to portray the two characters Young Hwa and Ri Ta differently, there are differences in many aspects such as the time periods in which each character lives, their backgrounds, and their personalities. Therefore, I focused on each character separately when acting. In particular, Han Ri Ta’s narrative is deep and strong, so I tried hard to understand Ri Ta’s situation and emotions.”

Moon in the Day K-drama is based on Hye Yoom’s web-based cartoon series (webtoon) of the same name. New episodes will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays on ENA.

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