Patrick Dempsey may have won People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” award this year, but he is not the only person to take home a title from the celebrity publication.

The magazine offered its runners-up some consolation prizes, in the form of mini categories, rewarding them for being the “sexiest” of their job title or niche. Here is a look at some of the sexiest people in the world in 2023.

Sexiest TV Star

James Marsden in 'Jury Duty'
Image via Amazon Freevee

We’re in a golden age of television, and James Marsden has taken home the gold for the sexiest TV star of 2023. The actor is currently nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for playing a fictionalized version of himself on Jury Duty.

Sexiest Funny Guy

Trevor Noah says farewell to the Daily Show
Image via Comedy Central

Trevor Noah may have finished his run on The Daily Show, but he’s bowing out with style. The South African comedian beat world-renowned ladies’ man Pete Davidson for the title of favorite funny guy. Every woman loves a guy with a sense of humor, right?

Sexiest Blockbuster Star

Image via Marvel Studios

2014 Sexiest Man Alive winner Chris Hemsworth won another prize from People, nearly ten years after he won the main prize. It just goes to show that, even with the mixed reception of Thor: Love and Thunder last year, people just can’t get enough of the Australian action star on screen.

Sexiest Tiktok Star

Jalen Noble has 1.2 million TikTok followers, and they all came out in droves to vote for the 30-year-old. The former Love Island star keeps his followers entertained with recipes, daily observations, and adorable videos with his dog.

Sexiest Ken

He may be just Ken, but Ryan Gosling will always be Kenough for us. The two-time Academy Award nominee beat out his fellow Barbie co-stars in the War of the Kens to win this poll. Maybe he can top it off with a third Oscar nomination for the box office smash?

Sexiest Musician

Harry Styles as Eros in 'Eternals'
Photo via Marvel Studios

Harry Styles is indisputably the main pop boy in the music industry, and this is reflected in this poll. His latest album, Harry’s House, won the coveted Grammy Award for Album of the Year back in February, and its lead single, “As It Was,” is on track to become the most-streamed song on Spotify.

Sexiest Guy You’re Streaming Due to the Strike

Jensen Ackles in The Boys
Image via Youtube / Obsessions

Between The Boys and Supernatural, Jensen Ackles knows how to keep viewers hooked. Ackles’ long-running fantasy series has been one of the most-streamed shows during the Hollywood strikes, despite first airing almost 20 years ago.

Sexiest Pedro Pascal

2023 has arguably been the year of Pedro Pascal, so it makes sense that People gave the 48-year-old actor his own category. Pascal is the master of playing adoptive dad roles, so it’s perfectly fitting that his relationship with his rescue dog, Edgar, won the award.

Sexiest Morning Show Host

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos on 'Live with Kelly and Mark'
Image via WABC

This year, Mark Consuelos joined his wife, Kelly Ripa, as co-host on Live with Kelly and Mark, and has already clinched the “Sexiest Morning Show Host” title from iconic long-time hosts like George Stephanopolous. Not a bad first year at work.

Sexiest New Dad

Tom Hiddleston as Loki in season 1 of the Marvel show 'Loki'.
Image via Marvel Studios

If Pedro Pascal has proven one thing this year, everyone loves a hot dad. Tom Hiddleston, who welcomed his first child with partner Zawe Ashton this past year, can now use his title of God of Mischief at playtime.

Sexiest Grandpa

Pierce Brosnan sips a martini as James Bond
Image via Eon Productions

What’s better than a sexy dad? A sexy grandpa, of course. Former James Bond Pierce Brosnan, who won Sexiest Man Alive back in 2001, makes older age look as debonair as ever. The 70-year-old, a grandfather of four, has made being a silver fox look golden(eye).

Sexiest Athlete

Promotional image of Catching Kelce, with Travis Kelce in a blue suit with red tie
Image via Grandma’s House Entertainment

2023 has seen Travis Kelce reach global notoriety, way past the goalposts of American Football, so it’s only appropriate that he wins this game. Taylor Swift’s new beau is joined by his brother, fellow football player and podcast co-host Jason Kelce, who was a runner-up on this year’s People poll.

Sexiest Podcast Host

Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black in 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon'
Image via Summit Entertainment

Speaking of people named Taylor, Taylor Lautner has managed to make listeners swoon with just the sound of his voice, even when they cannot see his face. Lautner, who co-hosts The Squeeze podcast with his wife (also named Taylor Lautner) has surprisingly never won an award from People before, even during the Twilight movie saga. Where have you been, loca?!

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