Warning: SPOILERS lie ahead for Doctor Who, “The Star Beast”!




  • David Tennant’s return to Doctor Who in the 60th Anniversary episode has left audiences emotionally overwhelmed and excited for new episodes.
  • Fans are pleased with the chemistry between Tennant and Catherine Tate, and are celebrating the inclusion of a trans storyline in the anniversary celebrations.
  • The debut episode introduced new characters, featured a stunning new TARDIS, and left viewers eager to see what will happen next in the anniversary special.

David Tennant’s first Doctor Who 60th Anniversary episode return has left audiences emotionally overwhelmed, as “The Star Beast”‘s heartfelt reunions, terrifying monsters, and TARDIS reveal have left viewers excited for the new episodes. The 60th Anniversary special is a three-episode celebration that reunites Tennant, Catherine Tate, and showrunner Russell T Davies for new adventures with the Fourteenth Doctor and Donna in the TARDIS. In Doctor Who: The Star Beast, the Doctor and Donna are mysteriously brought together as an intergalactic fugitive crash lands in London.

Following Doctor Who: The Star Beast‘s debut, fans have taken to Twitter to share their reactions to the long-awaited return. The opinion is largely positive about the return of Tennant as the newly regenerated Fourteenth Doctor, while also highlighting some of its story, including the trans storyline for Yasmin Finney’s Rose and Tate’s Donna. Check out some of the reactions below:

@BenAKAGate celebrated what he feels is a return to the show’s heights, while @GroundhogJay was elated to see Tennant and Tate’s chemistry never faded and @FionaRhiannon was touched by the duo’s reunion.

The episode’s debut of Rose (Yasmin Finney) and handling of trans themes left @mdurrantnt93 and @Ariadne_Reviews pleased.

Meanwhile, @hesitant_poison celebrated showrunner Davie’s new expression of the Doctor’s gender.

@royaldsnp and @Wandoful were left stunned by the expansive new TARDIS.

@graceyldn and @ThatsOurLewis were taken back by the Meep’s (Miriam Margolye) sudden villainous reveal.

Returning composer Murray Gold’s score left @pj_campbell pleased with the soundtrack, and @theshephrdsboy noticed a sneaky nod to a past Doctor.

And @midnight_babyy was overjoyed to hear of Wilf’s fate ahead of his return.

Overall, @DominicJGM celebrated the episode as an incredible success all around.

What’s Next For Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary?

Neil Patrick Harris, David Tennant, Catherine Tate, and Yasmin Finney on a poster for the Doctor Who 60th anniversary

“The Star Beast” is only the beginning of Doctor Who‘s long-awaited anniversary celebrations, as audiences prepare for the two following episodes of the Fourteenth Doctor and Donna’s adventures. The first chapter reunited the Doctor and Donna, addressing how Donna managed to overcome the effects of her Metacrisis transformation while introducing audiences to Rose, UNIT scientific adviser Shirley Ann Bingham (Ruth Madeley), and the Meep. There are still lingering questions, however, as the Doctor and Donna still grasp with why he has a familiar face once more.

The next episode of Doctor Who’s 60th-anniversary, “Wild Blue Yonder”, remains a tightly guarded secret, as the episode was filmed on-location, and only Tennant, Tate, and a mysterious Rusty being the episode’s currently revealed cast. However, the final chapter of the celebrations, “The Giggle”, promises a showdown 57 years in the making, as the Doctor faces the return of the Toymaker (Neil Patrick Harris). With Wilfred Mott (Bernard Cribbins), Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgrave), and UNIT set to play key parts in the final chapter following teases throughout “The Star Beast”, the final chapter of the 60th-anniversary promises to bring the Fourteenth Doctor’s story full circle.

Audiences are overjoyed by Doctor Who‘s return, the show’s 60th anniversary promises to be an exciting time for the franchise. Tennant’s long-awaited return alongside Tate left fans with many questions, but “The Star Beast” has proved that the choice to bring the actor back has been a resounding success. With the first episode ending with a surprising cliffhanger, many viewers will be eager to return to see what mysteries “Wild Blue Yonder” holds.

Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary will be released on Disney+ for international audiences and BBC One and BBC One and BBC IPlayer for UK viewers.

Source: Various (See tweets above)

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