Every season, Big Brother winner Will Kirby returns to the reality competition show to host the Jury roundtable segment. And no, he’s not there to steer them all toward one potential winner.

With Big Brother 25 coming to a close during Nov. 9’s two-hour season finale, the evicted houseguests making up the Jury will soon determine who walks away with the $750,000 grand prize. But, before they address the final two players, the six current Jurors filmed the roundtable segment with Dr Will which will air Thursday night.

The roundtable was an opportunity for the ousted contestants to discuss the last three players remaining — Jag Bains, Matt Klotz, and Bowie Jane Ball — while arguing for and against their merits. “Dr. Will,” a true legend of the reality competition series, has mediated the Jury roundtable for a decade.

And apparently, he’s been the subject of a Big Brother conspiracy because of the role, so much so that when he was interviewed by Shannon Tharpe ahead of Big Brother 25’s finale, Dr Will brought it up unprovoked.

In short, some B.B. fans have claimed that the 50-year-old dermatologist was hired for the gig to manipulate the Jury to vote a certain way. But, Dr Will said that if someone believes that, they better make their way to the Scottish Highlands to make a grand discovery.

“There have been rumors that I was brought in 10 years ago to influence the Jury. That is unequivocally not true. That’s a conspiracy theory — you might as well go look for the Loch Ness Monster. I’m promise, promise, promise there is nothing. I have no agenda at all. I go in super fair. I just want them to be able to speak their mind. I want everybody to get a chance to be heard, and I want them to walk away from that process knowing that they still have a very difficult decision to make. They get to ask the Jury questions, and they need to vote for who played the best.”

Although he didn’t give much away, Dr Will hinted that some of the Jury became heated during the segment multiple times, and breaks had to be taken for them to simmer down.

Cameron Hardin opened up the Jury house on day 72. Then, his game rival Cory Wurtenberger joined him a week later, followed by Blue Kim, America Lopez, and Cirie Fields. On Nov. 5, Felicia Cannon was evicted in fourth place, and she likely joined the group when they began filming the roundtable.

On Thursday, either Jag, Matt, or Bowie Jane will be evicted and round out the Jury of seven. The final two houseguests remaining will then answer the Jury’s questions before the evictees cast their vote and one contestant joins Dr Will in the history books as a Big Brother champion.

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