The Avengers recently gained a new member and a new base of operations at the same time – as the team added the Impossible City, a sentient urban environment and interstellar vessel, which will orbit Earth and serve as their new home – in a move that highlights the one decision the MCU version of the team made that could have been thought through a little bit more.

Speaking with Popverse, Avengers writer Jed McKay spoke about the rationale behind the Impossible City joining the Avengers roster. Almost as an afterthought, he noted the fact that it is “wildly irresponsible for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to live in one of the most densely populated cities on the planet,” considering the super-powerful, at times cosmic, threats they attract.

While not intentionally calling out the MCU’s Avengers, McKay’s comment does obliquely call to mind the destruction wrought on New York City in 2012’s Avengers film, as well as the destruction of their later base in Avengers: Endgame – suggesting Earth’s orbit is the best place for the team to call home.

The Impossible City is one of the most exciting new Avengers creations in years. Though some readers initially questioned what role the City could fill on the Avengers roster, becoming their home base is a natural fit for the sentient City. The Avengers are used to having some spectacular headquarters – having operated, for a time, out of the corpse of a Celestial, no less – and a living city is about as much of a spectacle as writer Jed McKay could have introduced into the current line-up of Marvel’s most iconic superteam. “I just think superhero teams should live in a cool place,” Mckay said of the decision.

I think superhero bases are an important part of a team’s character,” McKay told PopverseAIPT – giving context to his decision to make the Avengers base itself a character. Elaborated further, he said, “I wanted to come up with something that suited the sort of direction we wanted to take the Avengers in,” suggesting that there are more energetic new ideas like the Impossible city on the horizon for Marvel’s flagship title. In an even more immediate sense, though, McKay summed up the matter plainly: “It’s also just cool, having an orbital super-fortress.” In addition to cool, it is practical, perhaps the Avengers’ most sensible location choice ever.

The decision by past Avengers teams, reflected in their MCU counterparts, to base themselves out of New York invited endless trouble, if not outright catastrophe, for Earth’s most famous city. In fact, an orbital base – one with considerable defenses, and its own self-preservation instinct as well – is the best possible headquarters for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes; available for rapid response to almost anywhere on Earth, but not endangering any part of the planet, or any of its inhabitants, by being in proximity to them. The Impossible City may prove it has much more to contribute to the Avengers in the long-term, but for now, it has provided them a tactically sound new primary location.

Avengers #6 is available now from Marvel Comics.

Source: Popverse

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