The unveiling of a secret power for Atom Eve sets the stage for Invincible’s true happy ending. Atom Eve is best known for having the ability to manipulate molecules in any way she chooses. As such, she is also shown to have the power to regenerate any part of her body following an excruciating injury. Although her powers are limited throughout the series, her powers allow her to heal immediately under enough trauma.

Atom Eve learns the full extent of her healing powers in Invincible #144 by Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley, Cory Walker, Mark Morales, Nathan Fairbairn, Rus Wooton, and Sean Mackiewicz. The reveal that takes place in this issue manages to accomplish two things at the same time within a monumental issue.

Not only does the reveal turn out to confirm once and for all just how powerful she really is, but it also solidifies the happy ending that Mark always needed. In addition, it proves Mark’s father wrong for suggesting his son was never capable of ever having such a happy ending with anyone.

Invincible #144, also known as “The End of all Things” serves as the finale of the entire franchise, offering a conclusion to everything that was set up in the first issue and alluding to a bright future ahead of the characters beyond the final page. In one of the flash-forward moments, an adult Emperor Mark and his daughter, Terra (a.k.a. the third Invincible) meet with the former Atom Eve, Samantha, on her deathbed. After expressing how proud she is of her husband and daughter, the elderly Samantha dies of old age.

However, this death almost instantly activates Samantha’s regeneration ability, rearranging her molecules in real-time. Not only does the metamorphosis bring her back to life, but she also returns among the living in a much more youthful body. “Wow. I guess I’m essentially immortal,” Atom Eve says to her own surprise, much to the delight of her husband.

Viltrumites are capable of living thousands of years and age slowly, but aren’t quite immortal. However, given the nature of Samantha’s powers, who can use her powers on any living organism, this in theory means Mark can be immortal as well, expanding their time alive together by centuries just by being near each other.

Several issues prior, Omni-Man told Mark that he would outlive all non-Viltrumites, suggesting he would always live a life of tragedy, watching all of his friends, family, and lovers die off one by one for decades. Atom Eve is able to disprove that on her deathbed, immediately turning one of the most tragic days of Mark’s life into one of his happiest, highlighting just how perfect the two are for each other. Not only does Atom Eve prove that she’s immortal, she’s Invincible.

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