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For many freelancers, the holidays can mean the number of jobs and projects coming their way will diminish.

I’ve learned December is a lean month for me. I’m a voice actor who does everything from commercials, characters in games, and audiobook narrations. Christmas projects were done months ago. And while there’s always a bit of a rush right before Thanksgiving, overall, I find myself with lots of time on my hands.

I don’t want to waste this time, so I’ve devised a list of things to do while waiting for work to pick up.

The first one is to get your financial affairs in order.

Why wait for tax season to scramble for receipts and invoices? Downtime is perfect for gathering what you’ll need.

In my case, I have to update a spreadsheet my wife created for me. I confess I don’t keep track as well as I should during the year, so this is my opportunity to surprise her on January 1 with most of my tax information.

The tax deadline will get here faster than you realize. Tax time will be a breeze if you’ve already organized your receipts and invoices.

December is a great time to reevaluate your priorities.

Most people save this for after Christmas, but during December, you have the time to really think about what will matter the most in the new year. Maybe ask yourself what’s more important today than a year ago.

My writing gained momentum this year, so while I’m doing fine in my voice work, I want to lean into writing a bit more.

Learning a new skill is a great way to use downtime.

Slow periods mean fewer distractions when it comes to increasing your skill set.

It might be time to go through that online course you bought during the pandemic or maybe check out tutorials on YouTube.

I’m embarrassed by the number of courses I’ve purchased and not completed. To make things worse, many of them are out of date. For example, most of my Photoshop courses don’t include their Generative Fill.

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