• Marvel Comics features a diverse range of strong and powerful female characters with a combination of physical, intellectual, and emotional strengths.
  • While the Marvel Cinematic Universe showcases some female superheroes, it is in the comics where the strongest female Marvel characters truly shine.
  • These female characters, such as Black Widow, Jessica Jones, and Spider-Woman, have impressive skill sets, including enhanced abilities, fighting prowess, and unique powers, making them formidable allies and dangerous enemies.



The Marvel world can seem oversaturated with male heroes, but as Marvel Comics have proven time and time again, there is a great range of female characters with immense power too. These women are not only physically strong, with all manner of cool abilities, but they often have incredible intellectual and/or emotional strengths too.

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has a number of fantastic female superheroes, and some have been seen on-screen in other Marvel projects, the comics are largely where the strongest female Marvel characters are given the time and space to truly show what they are capable of.

20 Black Widow (AKA Natalia “Natasha” Romanova)

Natasha arguably has superpowers, thanks to a Soviet version of the Super Soldier Serum

Natasha Romanoff, AKA Black Widow, is a master spy. Her time spent with organizations across the globe, as well as working with various masterminds, has given her a skill set that few individuals could dream of. Such training has led her to beat some very powerful Marvel characters in a fight, like Spider-Man and Wonder Man.

Natasha can easily outsmart even the most intimidating characters, and the original Avengers member is a master of martial arts. Although she tends to use a variety of weapons and high-tech gadgets, her real weapon is her body, which is enhanced by biotechnology to slow her aging and accelerate her healing.

19 Jessica Jones (AKA Jewel, Knightress, Power Woman)

Jessica got her powers when accidentally soaked in chemicals, plus energy from Galactus

Jessica Jones is the very model of strength in the face of adversity. Jessica has enhanced strength and durability, and she initially tried to use these talents to become a superhero. However, she wound up under the mind control of the Purple Man and forced to serve at his whims.

Jessica eschewed the traditional superhero life and became a private eye, and a fantastic one at that. While she doesn’t make a living with her powers, they certainly come in handy as she’s fought powerful villains like Doctor Doom.

18 Spider-Woman (AKA Jessica Drew)

Standard Spider powers aside, Jessica fires electric ‘Venom Blasts’ and glides under her own power

Jessica Drew, also known as Spider-Woman, not only has every power that fans have come to associate with a Spider-hero, but is also a super spy and private investigator. This background makes her physically strong, as well as tactically and intellectually powerful.

Although Spider-Woman has a rather convoluted origin story, which has changed her a few times over the years, she’s always been portrayed as a powerful character. A member of the Avengers who has had experiences with both S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA, Jessica is a valuable ally—and dangerous enemy—to have.

17 Monica Rambeau (AKA Spectrum, Photon, Captain Marvel)

As a being of pure energy Monica’s powers are nearly limitless, from holograms, hard light, and even altering her physical size

Spectrum, AKA Monica Rambeau, was a former New Orleans Harbor Patrol Lieutenant who received exposure to extradimensional energy and gained the power to turn into any form of energy along the electromagnetic spectrum. This means that she can fly at the speed of light, shoot lasers, and assume the form of all sorts of energies.

Monica has had several heroic aliases over the years and was the first woman to use the Captain Marvel moniker. On the roster for both the Avengers and the Ultimates, Spectrum’s powers have a vast range of applications, making her suitable for all sorts of missions.

16 Wasp (AKA Janet Van Dyne)

A founding Avenger who came up with the team name, Janet was also trained in hand-to-hand combat by Captain America himself

Wasp Marvel Comics

Janet Van Dyne is the partner of the Marvel Universe’s other diminutive hero, Ant-Man. But Janet does more than specialize in shrinking. Wasp is able to manipulate her body’s bio-electic energy and release it in the form of her iconic ‘Stingers’. Janet also has a few genetic modifications that allow her to sprout functional wings and antennae.

Not only does Wasp pack a mean punch, she’s also one of the most qualified leaders in the Avengers. In both the main and Ultimate Universes, Janet has assumed a leading role for the greatest assembly of Marvel heroes.

15 Emma Frost (AKA The White Queen)

While as powerful a psychic as Charles Xavier, Emma has taken out more powerful minds through sheer skill and experience

Commonly known as the White Queen, Emma Frost has telekinetic powers that allow her to create hallucinations in other people’s minds. She can also understand exactly what someone is thinking, as long as she is in close enough proximity to them. In the comics, this proves to be a hugely beneficial skill, as she can easily manipulate and distract her opponents.

Frost can also transform her body into a diamond form. While in this state, she is completely impervious to psychic attacks that could otherwise harm her. On top of this, her diamond form gives her enhanced strength and durability.

14 Wolverine (AKA Laura Kinney, X-23)

Originally a clone of Logan, Laura is actually his biological daughter (with a healing factor unhindered by an adamantium skeleton)

Laura Kinney was first introduced to Marvel Comics under the name X-23, but she has since taken on the mantle of Wolverine. The biological daughter of the original Wolverine, Laura was raised by an evil organization to be an incredibly ruthless fighter, and she has the same healing ability as her father.

This mutant power makes her one of the most invincible characters in the Marvel world, and since breaking free from the clutches of those who raised her, she’s often fought alongside the X-Men. Laura also has an immensely keen intellect, showing fluency in many languages and styles of martial arts.

13 Moondragon (AKA Heather Douglas)

The daughter of Arthur Douglas, the victim of Thanos reborn as Drax the Destroyer

Moondragon Marvel Comics

Heather Douglas experienced tragedy at a young age when her family was slaughtered by the Mad Titan Thanos. But out of that awful experience, one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe was born. Moondragon was taken in by the Priests of Shao-Lum, who helped Heather unlock her true psychic potential.

Moondragon is one of the strongest telepaths around, rivaling mutants such as Professor X or Jean Grey. Not only are her mental powers exceptionally strong, Heather can also turn into a literal dragon, giving her a combination of powers that makes her one of Marvel’s mightiest forces for good.

12 Storm (AKA Ororo Munroe)

A mutant born from an ancient line of sorceresses, Storm’s true potential makes her a demigoddess

An iconic X-Men character, Storm (real name Ororo Munroe) has powers of weather manipulation, though, in some ways, this is a colossal understatement. In some storylines, Storm has been able to wipe out entire areas by calling upon a tsunami.

Lighting tends to be Storm’s favorite weapon, as she can call it down from the sky at any given time to shock her opponents into submission. In addition to her own capabilities, Storm is also a natural leader who tends to bring out the best in others’ powers. This, matched with her strong willpower, makes her exceptionally strong.

11 Jane Foster (AKA Thor, Valkyrie)

Proving herself the mightiest Thor, Jane commands Mjolnir in ways Odinson never has before

As comic book fans know about Jane Foster, the character has had a long history on the page, often as a background character in Thor’s story. In 2014, though, Jane took on the role of Thor herself, after Odinson lost the ability to wield Mjolnir.

Jane showed great affinity for Mjolnir, and was able to wield it with one raised hand. Immensely emotionally and physically strong, Jane fought as Thor all while going through cancer treatment, with Mjolnir keeping her going. After her time as Thor came to an end, Jane became a Valkyrie, fighting using the incredible Asgardian abilities that come with the title.

10 Spider-Gwen (AKA Ghost-Spider)

Gwen Stacy originally hailed from Earth-14211, before it was adjusted to Earth-65 in Amazing Spider-Man #9 (2015)

spider-gwen stacy ghost spider

Spider-Gwen, aka Ghost-Spider, is a variant of Gwen Stacy from a world where she was the recipient of the infamous radioactive spider bite rather than Peter Parker. Since she first debuted in Edge of Spider-Verse #2, Spider-Gwen has become one of the most beloved variants of Marvel’s iconic wall-crawler.

Not only does Gwen have the full-range of powers most Spider-heroes do, she’s also got a keen eye for detective work and she’s quite the amazing fighter. Not only does she protect her universe, she’s been a crucial part of helping Spider-Man save the Web of Life from its many threats.

9 She-Hulk (AKA Jennifer Susan “Jen” Walters)

Along with her Hulk power, Jen has wielded Infinity Stones, the Phoenix Force, and the Immortal Iron Fist

She-Hulk flexes her arms in Marvel Comics.

When looking at physically strong characters in Marvel Comics, there’s no need to look any further than the Hulk family of characters. Jennifer Walters gained her Hulk abilities after a blood transfusion from her cousin, Bruce Banner, but her abilities come with a little more functionality than his do.

In addition to being just as strong as the Hulk, when She-Hulk is in her green form, she also retains her faculties as Jennifer Walters. She can literally throw her enemies around, but also wields a lot of power as a successful attorney, often helping those who have been wronged by super-powered villains.

8 Crystal (AKA Crystalia Amaquelin, Elementelle, Princess Crystal)

Member of the Inhuman Royal Family, mastery of the elements grants near-limitless abilities

Crystal uses her powers in Marvel Comics

The Inhumans television series didn’t do the Inhuman princess Crystal justice. In the series, it seemed that Crystal could do little more than make wind blow, but in the comics, Crystal was a master of all four elements.

Not only can she manipulate wind, water, and fire, but she could literally make the Earth move. Her mastery over the world around her makes her nearly impossible to beat, though many characters that interact with her are prone to underestimate her, seeing her merely as Medusa’s little sister or Quicksilver’s love interest. Such misunderstandings are quickly righted, though, when Crystal uses her powers.

7 America Chavez (AKA Ms. America)

America Chavez punches through dimensions in Marvel Comics

America Chavez’s MCU journey has only just started, following her debut in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but in Marvel Comics, the character has experienced a lot since her first appearance in 2011. She’s been a Young Avenger, Defender, member of the West Coast Avengers, and leader of the Ultimates.

It’s easy to see why America has been on so many teams given her powers. She can literally kick or punch holes between universes, allowing her to travel to new realities, and bring others along for the ride. Additionally, America can fly and has superhuman strength and speed, which, coupled with her hand-to-hand combat skills, makes her a serious opponent.

6 Squirrel Girl (AKA Doreen Allene Green)

Squirrel Girl has one of the best fight records in all of comics, beating nearly every cosmic Marvel powerhouse

Squirrel Girl in Marvel comics

Her name might seem silly, but Doreen Green is one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe. Squirrel Girl is a mutant who has enhanced reflexes, strength, plus a fully functioning prehensile tail. Not to mention Doreen has the ability to communicate with squirrels, a skill she frequently uses.

Squirrel Girl became one of Marvel’s most infamous heroes after she defeated Doctor Doom in battle, later going on to also defeat other characters such as Deadpool and MODOK. And while the event is highly disputed, one adventure showed Squirrel Girl had actually defeated Thanos, with Uatu the Watcher confirming her victory.

5 Rogue (AKA Anna Marie LeBeau)

Given her mutation, can match the strongest hero or villain in Marvel’s multiverse

Rogue flies in Marvel Comics.

One of the first Marvel Comics women to get mainstream attention thanks to the 90s X-Men animated series, Rogue has one of the most interesting powers in the comics, making her formidable against any threat.

Rogue can absorb the powers of another with nothing more than a simple touch. This means that she can be as strong as anyone she comes in contact with, though at times it’s been an ability she’s struggled to regulate. She’s even absorbed Captain Marvel’s abilities a time or two.

4 Jean Grey (AKA Marvel Girl, Phoenix)

Marvel’s most powerful mind, Jean is actually more powerful without the Phoenix Force

Even without the enhancement of the Phoenix Force, Jean Grey is one of the most powerful Marvel characters ever written. She is exceptionally talented when using her telekinetic and telepathic powers, even though they are sometimes unpredictable.

Jean’s telepathic power allows her to move literally anything with her mind. This means that she can take airplanes out of the sky, manipulate people in any direction, and even rip their skin from their bodies. With the aid of the Phoenix Force, Jean’s powers are even more fine-tuned, and it has even allowed her to be resurrected from the dead on several occasions.

3 Scarlet Witch (AKA Wanda Django Maximoff)

May be immortal after self-resurrecting, claiming no fear of death since she is “out of reach for such trivial things.”

At times, it seems that there are basically no limits to the Scarlet Witch’s powers. An immensely powerful Mutant sorceress, Wanda Maximoff’s abilities have led her to act as both a hero and villain over the years.

As shown in one of the most iconic Scarlet Witch comic panels, at the end of the House of M storyline, she’s able to rebuild reality in order to suit her own desires, declaring that there should be “No more Mutants”. For a time, this changed everything in the Marvel Universe, showing the Scarlet Witch’s immense—though oftentimes volatile—capabilities.

2 Captain Marvel (AKA Carol Danvers, Ms. Marvel, Binary, Warbird)

Following her most recent origin change, Carol is fully half-Kree, born of a Kree agent disdguised as human

Captain Marvel Comic Costume Cover

Though her origin story has been altered a few times, Captain Carol Danvers was initially said to have gained her awe-inspiring abilities when caught in a blast of radioactive energy. This gave her the power to absorb energy and project it at will, as well as create beams of light and heat. She can also fly and has enhanced physical strength and durability.

Captain Marvel also has a cosmic awareness, not dissimilar from the Spidey Sense, that allows her to sense trouble long before it arrives. This usually gives her an advantage against her opponents and has been used to great effect in her solo series to help her avert crises before they can become too devastating.

1 Nemesis (AKA The First Being in Existence)

Originally the first cosmic being in Marvel’s univere, Nemesis perished to create life, and the famous Infinity Stones

Marvel Nemesis Black Knight Seventh Infinity Stone

While many heroes are immensely powerful, the strongest female Marvel character is Nemesis, who has more complicated intentions. The character is the result of bringing the six Infinity Gems together with the lost “Seventh Gem”, the Ego Gem, which together created the sentient being.

Nemesis has all the powers of the Infinity Stones, elevated to a greater level thanks to the presence of the mysterious Ego Gem. A being with shadowy origins and untold potential, Nemesis was killed, and the Gems were scattered throughout the Marvel Universe once more.

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