• Big Little Lies season 3 will address lingering questions and unfinished storylines from season 2.
  • Season 2 focused on a “get away with murder” plot, but season 3 has the opportunity to return to the show’s initial success in exploring abuse, trauma, and human nature.
  • Season 3 may introduce new conflicts and potential character developments, such as the revelation of confessions, Celeste’s custody situation, and the consequences faced by the Monterey Five.



Big Little Lies will reportedly return for a third season over four years after season 2 ended, and, while the main characters’ storylines wrapped up, there are still some lingering questions. The hit HBO show debuted in 2017 as a limited series and was based on Liane Moriarty’s eponymous novel, and, thanks to its popularity, HBO greenlit a sequel. Season 2 no longer had a source material to focus on, and, although the season wasn’t as well-received as the first, there are many ways to continue the show, as Nicole Kidman has confirmed Big Little Lies season 3 is happening.

Big Little Lies was successful because season 1 told the story of a murder mystery, but it also touched on abuse, trauma, and human nature. On top of that, there was its incredible A-list cast, with amazing chemistry. Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon starred in and acted as executive producers, and were joined by Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley, and Zoë Kravitz, with Meryl Streep becoming a part of the show in the second installment. Unfortunately, despite having the same talented cast, season 2 switched to a “get away with murder” show combined with legal drama. Because of that, some of its storylines were still unfinished, and season 3 could fix that.

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11 Did Everyone Confess?

The Monterey Five All Met Up At The Police Station

Big Little Lies season 1 ended with the Monterey Five lying about what happened to Perry (Alexander Skarsgaard). Initially, Bonnie (Kravitz) wanted to confess, but Madeline (Witherspoon) didn’t let her. In season 2, they tried to continue the lie, and Bonnie didn’t cope well with it. In the finale, Bonnie, heartbroken after her mother’s death, leaves home and meets up with the rest of the women, Madeline, Jane (Woodley), Celeste (Kidman), and Renata (Dern), at the police station. They all look serious and walk together inside the station before the episode ends. Season 3 has to reveal whether they all confessed or explain why they were there.

10 Has Celeste Really Jeopardized Her Children After Winning Custody?

Her Storyline Was The Focus Point In Season 2

Celeste’s storyline in season 2 revolved around winning the custody of her twins after Mary Louise Wright (Streep), Perry’s mother, came and fought for them. It would sound completely unrealistic for her to jeopardize her custody after she worked so hard to win the case. Celeste didn’t necessarily commit perjury on the stand, as she managed to avoid condemning answers, but aiding a crime wouldn’t do her case any good. Season 3 needs to explain her reasoning if she really decided to confess, especially since Mary Louise would get custody of the kids if she went to prison.

9 What Charges Will The Monterey Five Face After Perry’s Death?

It Wasn’t Very Dramatic In The Book

Monterey Five at Police Station Holding Numbers in Big Little Lies Season 1

Although the Monterey Five lied throughout season 2, it looked like they were ready to confess in the season finale. Although it would be difficult to pick up from the events from season 2, since it’s been over four years since it ended, Big Little Lies could do a time jump and show what charges the five of them got. In Moriarty’s novel, Bonnie confesses and she gets community service for accidental manslaughter. Given how long the five of them kept the secret, there might be some consequences season 3 could depict.

8 Will Mary Louise Still Be In The Lives Of Celeste’s Sons?

She Is Their Grandmother After All

Mary Louise and twins smiling at tablet on Big Little Lies

Mary Louise was portrayed as a mother who was trying to get revenge for the death of her remaining son, Perry. It was later revealed that she had been to blame for the death of her other son, Raymond, during a car crash. Instead, she blamed Perry for distracting her, setting him on a path toward his violent future. Although she didn’t end the custody of her grandsons, will Mary Louise return in season 3? Despite trying to keep the children from Celeste, she could go to therapy and prove she wanted to be in their lives.

7 Is Madeline And Ed’s Marriage Solved & Has She Confessed?

Madeline And Ed Renewed Their Vows

In season 2, Madeline and Ed (Adam Scott) struggled with their relationship after Madeline cheated on him with Joseph (Santiago Cabrera). The two were miserable together for a while, but the season finale showed them on their beach with the girls, renewing their vows. However, season 3 will have a lot to unpack about their relationship. Have they moved on past the cheating? Has Madeline confessed to what she did? Would he get mad if he found out about Perry’s death? No matter what happens, there will be drama again for the two.

6 Is Nathan’s Breakup With Bonnie Going To Last?

Nathan And Bonnie Will Likely Get Back Together

James Tupper as Nathan Carlson in Big Little Lies

Bonnie surprisingly left Nathan (James Tupper) in the finale, telling him she never loved him. Following their breakup, she left the house, and drove to the police station, looking heartbroken. Is that the end of their relationship? The move to break up with Nathan was surprising and out of character for Bonnie. In Big Little Lies season 3, the audience needs to find out whether Nathan and Bonnie can make it work again.

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5 Did Renata Jeopardize Her Bankruptcy Settlement?

She Ruined Gordon’s Collection Train

Renata upset in Big Little Lies

Renata started off as an unlikable character, but she grew a lot and became one of the best of the main four Big Little Lies stars. However, one particular moment in the season 2 finale might cost her a lot of money. After her husband, Gordon (Jeffrey Nordling), embezzled money and lost millions, he managed to sell his “toys” to Ted Ferrell, a collector. That angered Renata, who had lost everything, while he kept his things. So, she lashed out and destroyed everything. Gordon had sold his collection for $410,000 with the condition to keep it intact, so, has Renata screwed up her bankruptcy settlement?

4 Are Renata And Gordon Really Over?

She Put Up With Him For Too Long

Renata and Gordon were never a Big Little Lies fan-favorite couple, and the finale made it seem like she was over with her husband. Season 3 needs to clarify that, as Renata threw her wedding ring at Gordon during their final fight. Later on, she was in bed with her daughter Amabella, and told her that “it would be okay.” Would Renata get back on her feet alone? Would she get back to Gordon? Only season 3 of Big Little Lies could reveal that.

3 Is Abigail Actually Going To College?

She Made Some Weird Calls

Kathryn Newton as Abigail surprised in Big Little Lies

Madeline’s eldest daughter, Abigail (Kathryn Newton) went through a teenage rebellion phase. First, she wanted to auction off her virginity online and later revealed she didn’t want to go to college. This upset Madeline in season 2 and it’s still a question that season 3 could answer, as the plot wasn’t continued or finalized on the series yet. Madeline and Abigail had a great arc in season 1, although they barely shared any scenes in season 2, so season 3 could focus on their relationship and Abigail’s future.

2 Is There Going To Be A Major Death?

Season 2 Finale Should’ve Had A Major Death

Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies‘ season 2 ending was supposed to have a big death. “There’s a big thing that got changed. There was someone that was supposed to die, but it wasn’t me,” Zoe Kravitz revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair. “But I don’t know what I’m allowed to say, so I don’t know. But someone did die.” However, after edits and cuts, it was removed completely. Would that storyline end up in season 3 as the base of the mystery for the entire season? Having one of the Monterey Five die would certainly set up a great season.

1 Did Ed Cheat On Madeline?

He Flirted With Joseph’s Wife

Ed experienced difficulty getting over Madeline’s cheating. However, there were some hints that Ed might have revenge cheated on Madeline, too. Although the show doesn’t specifically show that, he had been flirting with Tori Bachman (Sarah Sokolovic), Joseph’s wife. Since getting over infidelity isn’t easy, it was surprising for the couple to renew their vows in the final minutes of Big Little Lies season 2’s ending. Ed cheating might have been unlikely in season 2, but season 3 will need new storylines and drama, and the seeds for it have been planted.

Source: Vanity Fair

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