Zayo Group has announced that its future-ready network in Europe is fully 400G enabled, providing enhanced capacity and scalability for businesses throughout Europe and across the globe.

The 400G network allows businesses, data centres, carriers and hyperscalers to access high bandwidth, low latency connectivity throughout Europe, with the most direct routing for multi-cloud and multi-market connectivity. As part of Zayo’s global network, the 400G enhancements will also support global connectivity for its customers outside of Europe, with its North American network also scheduled to be fully 400G enabled by the end of 2024. 

The upgrades, coupled with its global reach, is a true differentiator in the market, acting as the backbone of the internet from the most northerly parts of the UK, through to mainland Europe and across the globe. It’s European network is built on five diverse subsea cables, three of which are owned and operated by Zayo, powering 2,500 on-net buildings,125 core Points of Presence (PoPs) and 16 metro fibre markets. 

As next generation technologies demand more and more bandwidth, 400G connectivity is increasingly becoming the standard for businesses across the world, largely thanks to enhanced scalability, simplified application and reduced circuit monitoring. Omdia research, commissioned in partnership with Ciena, highlights the appetite for 400G. Findings showed that 74% of companies rely on high-capacity services like 400G connect with enterprise locations or cloud providers, while 58% rely on it for data centre to data centre communication.

Zayo’s network enhancement also provides a significant sustainability benefit for 400G-connected businesses, with independent research showcasing that Ciena’s WaveLogic 5 Extreme that underpins Zayo’s 400G network drives a threefold increase in fibre capacity, while reducing power per bit by 80% and physical space needed by 85% compared to the original WaveLogic generation.

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